Mason County CEOS meets

The Mason County Community Educational Outreach Service (CEOS) met at the New Beginnings Baptist Church Fellowship Hall on Nov. 13.

The Avalanche Club hosted the meeting and served pizza, chips, veggies, desserts and drinks. At each place there was a small container of candy corn.

The meeting was called to order by the President Clinedda Austin, who called for the salute to the United States flag.

Anne Byus presented the meditations. Since we had just celebrated Veterans Day, she referred to the article in the Point Pleasant Register written by its editor, Beth Sergent about Flanders Field and poppies and how Sergent’s family raised poppies for years, the seeds being brought back by Sergent’s great grandfather, Alonzo Dickens, from World War I.

Byus also read some articles about Thanksgiving and told about some of her experiences as a child during Thanksgiving at Grandpa’s. Meditations were closed with the Lord’s Prayer.

Roll call revealed the following attendance: Avalanche, nine plus two guests; Camp Conley, two; Leon, five; Pleasant, five. A total of 23 in attendance.

An announcement was made that on Nov. 29 a meeting would be held for the purpose of forming a new club. This is a group of younger women who are still in the work force and will have evening meetings.

Educational committee reports were given with family, health, and volunteer hours reporting that Mason County CEOS members had reported 10,000 volunteer hours for the annual reporting period and that these hours were worth $211,000 to the community and the continuing education committee reporting they had taken 60 pounds of pop can tabs and 50 used ink cartridges to Ronald McDonald House.

Austin, Phyllis Hesson, Helen Lyons, and Patty Johnson attended the CEOS Fall Leadership Conference at Jackson’ Mill and reported it was a very good conference.

It was announced that the extension office now has a blood pressure station where people can go and take their blood pressure.

Other reports were given on the quilt show, craft show, and plans were announced for the holiday workshop to be held at the New Beginnings Baptist Church Fellowship Hall on Dec. 7.

Those n attendance were as follows: Clinedda Austin, Carolyn Litchfield, Sharon Nibert, Mary Sue Kincaid, Catherine Yauger, Phyllis Hesson, Mary Artis, Helen Lyons, Theresa Keefer, Jackie Scarberry, Jerry Morgan, Natalie Morgan, Anne Byus, Marilyn Clarke, Yvonne Fetty, Eleanor Hoffman, Susan Paulson, Patty Johnson, Sue Darst, Karen Randolph, Florence Leach and two guests, Jenny Taylor, and Ella Hoffman.

Submitted by Catherine Yauger.