CEOS members hold Christmas workshop

The annual Christmas Workshop for CEOS (Community Education Outreach Services) was held Dec. 7 at the New Beginnings Baptist Church on Sandhill Road. The event was titled “A Hard Candy Christmas” and was attended by over thirty members and guests.

Attendees started signing in at 9:30 a.m. and enjoyed coffee and treats made from the cookbook made for the occasion entitled “CEOS Hard Candy Christmas.” When everyone was registered the event kicked off with a fashion show.

Models for the show were Susan Paulson, Sue Darst, Jane Roush, and Patty Johnson. The models were in charge of putting together their own outfits. Some of the designs included a fashionable straw hat (made from drinking straws), glass slippers (slippers with glasses tied onto them), a designer ‘LaBelle’ skirt (a shirt with labels all over it) and many more inventive styles. The participants were viewed with much applause for their efforts.

After the fashion show, the craft portion of the day started with a cloth covered Christmas ornament that required a little help from one’s neighbor, for most of the crafters, to hold their ornament while it was being tied together.

The second craft for the day was entitled “Candy and Canvas.” Each participant painted a close up of a snowman’s face, a sort of snowman selfie. The pictures turned out to be adorable and while the paint was still out everyone was given an ornament and some brown paint for their thumbprint to be transferred to the ornament only to have it transformed into a reindeer by adding eyes and red nose with antlers. It was unique and when members noticed Mary Sue Kincaid had added ears to her reindeer and made it even cuter yet, ears started being painted onto many more of the ornaments. Everyone had a container of hard candy at their place at the table and also a couple of wrapped mints in with their painting tools, thus the name “Candy and Canvas.”

Everyone broke for lunch at this point and put their paintings aside to dry while they ate. The hostesses of this year’s event, Avalanche Club, provided lunch. Everyone enjoyed their choice of three different soups and sandwiches along with desserts and drinks.

After the lunch break, there was one more craft. Everyone had fun putting together an angel ornament from a butterfly paper clip, a bead, and a washer strung together with a pretty ribbon.

It was an enjoyable day for the people who were able to attend. In keeping with the theme of “A Hard Candy Christmas,” there was a candy cookbook available for purchase compiled by Avalanche member, Marilyn Clarke as a fundraiser for the club. The book is still available for purchase after the workshop on Amazon. The name of the book is “CEOS Hard Candy Christmas” by Clarke.

For those interested in becoming a CEOS member, contact any present member or the WVU Extension Office in Point Pleasant.

Submitted by Marilyn Clarke.