Point Pleasant Writers Guild plans party

At a recent meeting of the Point Pleasant Writers Guild, members discussed their book publishing progress and other matters before reviewing their lesson on what inspires a writer before he or she can even put pen to paper…or punch out words on a word processor, as the case may be.

Marilyn Clarke’s latest book to be published is “Imposter,” but her latest writing project is actually a collection of recipes, craft demonstrations, essays, a short story, and pages for coloring. This booklet was created by her as a fund raiser for the Avalanche Community Educational and Outreach Service (CEOS) Club of which she is also a member and will be available to those attending the CEOS Annual Holiday Workshop on December 7. It can also be found on Amazon.

Newest member, Ruby Taylor, discussed her most recent project as that of a bookmark in the shape of the Cross bearing an inspirational message.

Patrecia Gray encouraged Guild members to look for opportunities to have their work published in such magazines and books as “Good Old Days” and “Chicken Soup for the Soul.” Gray has just finished with her 82nd radio broadcast, each segment consisting of 15 minutes of Christian Bible Study. She spends many hours in creating her scripts in addition to her other writing projects. Her program is broadcast every Saturday on Radio Station WEMM, 107.9 FM, from 9:00 to 9:15 a.m.

Sue Underwood shared the lesson on “Inspirations” from Sandy Tritt’s book, “The Plain English Writer’s Workbook.” Two ways to stimulate the mind that leads to ideas and inspiration might include setting aside a special place or a special time in which to write. About that, Tritt wrote, it never worked for her. She writes anywhere, any time by keeping paper by her bedside, in her car, and in her handbag. She even enjoys family time by writing on her laptop in the living room while the television blares and her kids, her husband, and the dog and cats all interact.

Sue gives credit to God’s divine presence as her inspiration to write. She read her poem, “Blessings” and suggested several things to do during the winter season that might bring inspiration: buy yourself a flower, read the comics, listen to your favorite music, play a musical instrument, take a mini-vacation, and engage in a lot of day-dreaming.

Those members attending the November meeting included Patrecia Gray, April Pyles, Marilyn Clarke, Carol Newberry, Sue Underwood, Feryle Lawrence, Ilse Burris, and Nellie Ruby Taylor.

At the next meeting, December 5, the Guild will have their Christmas party. As a creative writing project, it was suggested that they write a Christmas poem and enclose it in a Christmas card for each member. Everyone was asked to bring refreshments.

There will be no meeting on December 19. In January, 2019, the Point Pleasant Writers Guild will resume its regular schedule of meeting at the Mason County Library on the first and third Wednesdays of the month, from 1 to 3 p.m. All writers are invited to attend. For further information, please go to ppwritersguild.blogspot on the Internet.

Submitted by April Pyles.