Pleasant CEOS Club news

The Pleasant Community Educational Outreach Service (CEOS) met at the Courthouse Annex on Oct. 11 with Lorrie Wright serving as hostess.

After lunch served by Wright, President Clinedda Austin called the business meeting to order with the group giving the salute to the United States flag.

Mary Sue Kincaid presented the meditations from a publication entitled “Mornings With Jesus” from the September/October 2018 issue.

The lesson entitled “Appalachian Genealogy: Root to Rise” written Wright, WVU extension agent in Mason County, and Stephanie Lusk, WVU extension agent in Wyoming County, was presented by Lorrie Wright. Genealogy projects can focus on identity. Identity is often influenced by the context of one’s community and way of life, especially for those living in Appalachia which is a distinct region of the United States defined by its geographical boundaries. The Appalachian Regional Commission defines Appalachia as, “a 205,000-square-mile region that follows the spine of the Appalachian Mountains from southern New York to northern Mississippi.”

Characteristics of people from Appalachia are: familial, neighborliness, love of home place, individualism, personal, modesty, sense of humor, tradition, and religion.

The Family, Health, and Volunteer Hours committee reported 10,000 volunteer hours to the state for the CEOS members of Mason County for the reporting period.

Austin, along with other members from Mason County, had attended the Fall Conference at Jackson’s Mill and were excited about all the new ideas as a result of that conference.

Austin was also honored at this Fall Conference by being elected vice president of the West Virginia CEOS.

Kincaid, chairperson of the Purposeful Reading committee, gave each attendee a small book to write down books read. A tote bag was presented to Carolyn Litchfield for being one of the top readers of 2018. Koneda Devrick (another top reader) was not in attendance and the other top reader was Marilyn Higginbotham who recently passed away.

One of the Mason County CEOS projects is to decorate a window at the new location of the Point Pleasant Register. Kincaid and Litchfield volunteered to do this in April, May, and June 2019.

Sharon Nibert will serve as the Health Motivator for the Pleasant Club for 2019.

Plans were made for the activities for patients at the Pleasant Valley Nursing/Rehab Center in November.

In attendance: Clinedda Austin, Linda Craig, Sharon Nibert, Lorrie Wright, Catherine Yauger, Mary Sue Kincaid, Donna Hart, and Carolyn Litchfield.

Submitted by Catherine Yauger.