Doug Crawford to receive Red Vest Award

POINT PLEASANT — Fruth Pharmacy will present Doug Crawford with the Red Vest Award on Thursday, Oct. 25 at the 28th annual Fruth Pharmacy Galaxy Awards for employees.

Fruth’s Red Vest Award is for a Fruth employee that has been instrumental in saving someone’s life.

It was an ordinary work day for Cathy Patterson and Doug Crawford. Crawford is a floating pharmacist for Fruth Pharmacy (fills in at other Fruth pharmacies for the regular pharmacist who may be off on sick leave or vacation) and Patterson is a Pharmacy Clerk at Fruth Pharmacy in Ripley. Crawford had recently returned to work after welcoming his first child, a son, and was scheduled at Fruth Pharmacy in Ripley on the morning of Sept. 6.

Patterson had not been feeling well all morning. Crawford had suggested she go home. Patterson did not want to leave and chose to continue to work. She began to complain of chest pain and then her left arm hurting. Crawford recognized the possible symptoms of a heart attack. He got some baby aspirin and asked Cathy take it. She did. They tried to call an ambulance, but Cathy did not want to go in an ambulance; she wanted her family. Store personnel contacted Patterson’s family and they arrived quickly and got her to the hospital. Patterson was in the stages of a heart attack and had to have bypass surgery. She is currently in recovery but plans to come back to work as soon as she is released for duty.

“There wasn’t anything outstanding I did,” Crawford began, “it was a whole team effort at that store. The store manager facilitated her care and other employees helped get her family there. It was a team effort,” he concluded.

Patterson spoke to Teresa Stapleton, Human Resources Manager at Fruth Pharmacy, after the incident. She was thankful for everyone’s help at her Fruth Pharmacy and anxious to get back to work, but knows she needs time to recover. Patterson has been employed by Fruth Pharmacy for 20 years.

Fruth Pharmacy is a family owned company. Currently, Fruth Pharmacy has 30 locations in West Virginia, Ohio, and Kentucky. Fruth Pharmacy celebrates 66 years in business this November.

Submitted by Fruth Pharmacy.