Camp Conley CEOS meets

Members of the Camp Conley CEOS Club traveled “Down on the Farm” to Bob Evans Restaurant at Rio Grande, Ohio for their Aug. 21 meeting.

After ordering their meals, the members spent the time catching up on summer activities. When the meal was finished, a short business meeting was conducted by President Becky Haer and Darlene Haer gave the treasurer’s report.

Committee reports were given and members were reminded to continue saving bottle caps and pill bottles. Under Marketing and Membership, members talked about the time they spent working in the Culinary Arts Department at the Mason County Fair. Phyllis Hesson, Mary Artis, Becky Haer, Jeanette McDaniel, and Darlene Haer attended the CEOS Programs, Tuesday, Aug. 7 at the Mason County Fair held in the Junior Fair Building on Genealogy and Feed Sacks. Darlene Haer showed several unique and different Feed Sacks she had borrowed from her friend, Jennifer Nichols. They had belonged to Nichols’ mother and grandmother.Various members in attendance said they had never seen feed sacks like these when their families purchased their feed.

It was reported that club members read 141 books during the past year for the Purposeful Reading committee. Hesson asked members for their total volunteer hours during the club year. This information was due by the end of August.

Phyllis went to the nursing home in August and reported that the number of residents attending has increased. The next County Council meeting was scheduled for Sept. 11 hosted by the Wohelo CEOS Club.

Jeanette McDaniel was one of the winners at the Charleston Area Meeting for a scholarship to attend the fall conference at Jackson’s Mill. Becky Haer passed out the club connections for Aug.-Sept., 2018 and the lesson leaflet entitled “Welcome to Cameroon.”

Members attending an evening out, were Hesson, Artis, Becky Haer, Molly Miller, and Darlene Haer.

Club members are welcome to new members who want to be involved in this organization. The club meets on the third Tuesday of the month. For more information, call Phyllis Hesson at (304) 675-3173 or Darlene Haer at (304) 675-6002.

Submitted by Darlene Haer.