Blain family reunion

The 115th Blain family reunion was held Aug. 12 at Larry Blain’s picnic shelter in Gallipolis Ferry.

A potluck dinner was served at 1 p.m. with Howard Blain giving the blessing. There were 55 people in attendance. Games were played, pictures were taken, and gifts were exchanged. Blue Grass music was played by some of the more talented cousins from near and far.

Those in attendance were from West Virginia were: Dianna Blain, Cassie, Justin, Josie and Liam Beckner, Jeff Blain, Howard and Teri Blain, John Caudill and Diana Patrick, Charlotte and Greg Blain, Jimmy Blain, Shelly and Blake Edmonds, Laverne and Violet Blain, Gloria Blain and Norman Miller, Scott, Haley and Brody Spencer, Tiffany Yeager and Josh Gray, Kevin Blain, Tracie and Dave Patrick, and Cindy McAllister.

Those in attendance from Ohio were: Gerry McAllister, Doug, Nina, Abraham, Noah and Ezra Blain, Carson Bailey, Betty Bower, Deborah Gullet, Dave, Helen, Abigail, and Emma Gullet, Mark and Vicki Mohr. Beth and Sophie Hudson, and Abbie Brabham, Ben Blain, Kelly Closson, Myria and Maddie Blain, and Chris Barton.

Those in attendance from Kentucky were Gary S. Blaine, Connor and Isaac Blaine, Gary T. Blain, and Aaron Polston.

Prizes went to oldest woman, Charlotte Blain; oldest man, John Caudill; youngest girl, Sophie Hudson; youngest boy, Liam Beckner; traveled the farthest, Ben Blain from Lima, Ohio; door prize winners, Tracie Patrick and Aaron Polston.

“We will all meet again next year, same time, same place, good lord willin’ and the creek don’t rise,” Dianna Blain.

Submitted by Dianna Blain.