‘Yards of the Month’ for August

The Tu-Endie-Wei Garden Club “Yards of the Month” for August have been announced for the City of Point Pleasant.

The following yards have been chosen as follows: Ward one, Krodel Park Campground Lot 1, Linda Birchfield; Ward two, 910 Main Street, Gary and Karen Rose; Ward three, 2011 Mt Vernon Avenue, Bernadine Kayser; Ward four, 1920 Marquette Avenue, Stephanie Wood; Ward five, 2600 Mt Vernon Avenue, Jerry Holland; Ward six, 924 Mossman Circle, George and Phyllis Hesson; Ward seven, 513 28th Street, Butch and Mary Schafer; Ward eight, 136 English Road, Vicki Wamsley.

The Schafer’s were the winners of the $25 gift card from Bob’s Market, compliments of the Garden Club.

The “Business of the Month” is the Lowe Hotel.

Contest rules: Winners cannot have artificial flowers and their yard will not be considered if they are used.