Rosie the Riveter exhibition


HUNTINGTON — The Cabell County Library has announced the receipt of an important historical gift.

Anne Montague, executive director and founder of Thanks Plain and Simple, an organization which honors the vital work of women in industry in the United States during World War Two, has gifted a Rosie the Riveter exhibition to the library. Previously located at the Pullman Plaza Hotel, this collection of photographs, information, and a piece of original sculpture, is a testament to the vital work that Rosie the Riveter did on the home front.

During World War Two, the female participation in the American workforce increased, most notably in heavy industries required for the war effort. Previously excluded from such industries, the American Rosies helped build aircraft, tanks, and ships, and were heavily involved in the production of munitions. Their work was crucial in both freeing up men for the armed services and for producing the war related material which was used to win the war. The purpose of Thanks Plain and Simple is to make sure that the legacy of the Rosies is not forgotten and that they receive the acknowledgment they deserve for their support of the war effort.

The Rosie the Riveter display is currently on the second floor of the Cabell County Library.