‘Yards of the Month’ for July

The Tu-Endie-Wei Garden Club “Yards of the Month” for July have been announced for the City of Point Pleasant.

The following yards have been chosen as follows: Ward one, Terry and Diane Wallis, 503 Main Street; Ward two, Walter Ferry, 206 Ninth Street; Ward three, Susan Pauley, 2124 Lincoln Avenue; Ward four, Robert and Margaret Crush, 1804 Jefferson Boulevard; Ward five, Gregg and Kathy Casto, 2603 Jefferson Avenue; Ward six, Mitch and Megan Meadows, 181 Park Drive; Ward seven, Shelbadene Dawson, 511 Kathnor Lane; Ward eight, John and Becky Sallaz, 28 Warwick Avenue.

Pauley was the winner of the $25 gift card from Bob’s Market.

The “Business of the Month” is Victoria’s Prom and Bridal at 415 Main Street.

Contest rules: Winners cannot have artificial flowers and their yard will not be considered if they are used.

The Tu-Endie-Wei Garden Club members reported a correction to the June “Yards of the Month.” The Ward five winner was Patty Stewart, 2405 Lincoln Avenue. The club members apologize for the error.