Mason County students graduate Mountwest

Students, from all over the Tri-State area, have successfully completed the requirements to receive either a degree or certificate from Mountwest Community and Technical College.

“These students have worked hard and we are proud to recognize them. We are excited to see the next chapter in all of these students’ lives. We are proud to call these people alumni!” said Dean Crawford, Director of Student Recruitment.

Mountwest fall semester begins August 20. Those who teach at Mountwest are excited to start the journey with the newest class of Mountain Lions.

Mountwest Community & Technical College is a public institution with approximately 2,500 students. Accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. Mountwest offers more than 60 associate degree options and 15 one year certificates. For more information about Mountwest, visit

The following students of Mason County recently graduated Mountwest: Sarah Moore, Gallipolis Ferry; Derek Riffle, Point Pleasant; Madeline Freeman, Point Pleasant; Michael Spurlock, Glenwood; Thomas Racer, Glenwood; Clarissa Crank, Ashton; Crystal Williams, Apple Grove; Cole Poore, Ashton; Tylor Tomlinson, Ashton; Michael Moore, Apple Grove; Sarah Grizzell, Ashton; Shelly Casto, Ashton; Heather Ashworth, Glenwood; Tannor Decker, West Columbia; Joshua Wahner, Leon.