OVB BANKit wraps successful school year

This school year went as quickly as it came. It’s hard to believe, but the 2017-2018 academic year is nearly over. Once again, Ohio Valley Bank worked with area high schools to promote financial literacy through the OVB BANKit program.

The program, which was launched in 2010, reached students at Gallia Academy High School, River Valley High School and South Gallia High School in Ohio as well as Point Pleasant High School, Wahama High School and the Mason County Career Center in West Virginia. Approximately 390 students completed the program this school year.

OVB BANKit brings real life banking lessons through a fun, interactive format. The program also works as a game, where students compete to win cash prizes. It spans the entirety of the academic year or semester. At the beginning of the school year, students are presented with $100 in “buzz bucks,” the OVB BANKit currency. Students may elect to keep their buzz bucks in cash or place it in mock accounts, which include checking, savings, money market and certificate of deposit. In addition, students can choose to purchase and sell shares of Pseudosoft stock, the fictional OVB BANKit company. The overall goal is to have the highest portfolio total at the end of the school year/semester.

With every OVB BANKit session, which typically occurs on a monthly basis, students have the opportunity to work on their banking and deposit money into their accounts of choice. During this time, the importance of money management is stressed as students are also required to draw a Real Life Card. The Real Life Card may provide unexpected cash or could be a bill, which requires immediate payment.

In addition to the gaming portion, OVB BANKit features a variety of banking topics per session. Topics covered include:

1. Bank account types

2. Check writing as well as basic bank paperwork, including deposits and withdrawals

3. Credit/Credit Scores/Credit Reports

4. Debit vs. Credit

5. Budgeting

6. Identity Theft

Once again, this year’s OVB BANKit program was competitive across the board. Students at all participating schools successfully completed the program, but a few stood out as the overall BANKit game winners. Each school winner received a $50 cash prize as a reward for having the highest portfolio total. Participating classes at each school also competed against one another for a special group prize. In addition, on the final OVB BANKit visit at each school students had a chance to test their knowledge with the Final Review Game. The game, which covered all of the financial topics discussed throughout the program, was elimination style that saw one winner from each class taking home a cash prize.

The following students were this school year’s OVB BANKit winners:

1. River Valley High School (semester one): Hanna Davis

2. River Valley High School (semester two): Jacob McGhee

3. Gallia Academy High School (semester one): Tessa Skinner

4. Gallia Academy High School (semester two): Brooke Johnson

5. South Gallia High School: Desirea Davis

6. Mason County Career Center (semester one): Garrett Jeffries

7. Point Pleasant High School: Justin Brumfield

8. Wahama High School: Cass Kimes

Winners of the Final Review Game:

1. River Valley High School (semester one): Haven Kingery, Noah Patterson, Tyler Hess

2. River Valley High School (semester two): Joel Brumfield, Charlie Masters, Kalynn Sturgeon

3. Gallia Academy High School (semester one): Kaitlyn Williams, Caleb Dunford, Braden Jamora

4. Gallia Academy High School (semester two): Spencer Harris, Alexis Massie, Obsidian Reeves

5. South Gallia High School: Emily Oram, Jordan Alfman

6. Point Pleasant High School: Sherman Hart, Jacob Farley, Wyatt Dean, Grace Lee

7. Wahama High School: Kerrigan Blake, Cass Kimes

OVB BANKit is coordinated by OVB Financial Leader Hope Roush. For more information on the program, e-mail hdroush@ovbc.com.

Ohio Valley Bank, established in 1872, operates 19 offices in Ohio and West Virginia. The Bank’s parent company, Ohio Valley Banc Corp., also owns Loan Central, a consumer finance company specializing in tax services and loans. Common stock for Ohio Valley Banc Corp. is traded on The NASDAQ Global Market under the symbol OVBC.

Submitted by OVB.