Beale students honor roll, attendance

GALLIPOLIS FERRY — Beale Elementary recognizes students for making honor roll and achieving faithful and perfect attendance for the second nine weeks.

The following students have achieved an all “A” honor roll: Ms. Allinder, Kohen Adams Skykar Birchfield, Kalelynn Blankenship, Carson Clark, Kenzie Henry, Steven Henry, Scottie Snead, and Paizlee White; Mrs. Preston, Olivia Bays, Amber Burgess, Kendall Holley, Colton Preston, and Madilyn White; Ms. Beller, Rebecca Patterson; Mrs. Pinkerton, Noah Canterbury, Gigi Curry, Cohen McDaniel, Talan Pearson, Joey Pinkerton, and Audreanna Reed; Mr. Roberts, Sophia Atkinson and Aubrey Supple; Ms. Wallbrown, Briana Mayes, Reece Oliver, Delaney Pearson, and Jacob Pearson; Mrs. Wallis, Karlee Benson, Justine Curry, Nicole Patterson, and Haley Wheeler.

The following students have achieved AB honor roll: Ms. Allinder, Alli Bailes, Cheyenne Miller, and Ronnie Oliver; Mrs. Preston, Madisyn Arrington, Aireonna Canterbury, Shaelyn Dempsey, Arabella Halfhill, and Eli Simms; Ms. Beller, Chase Birchfield, Robert Bonecutter, Addyson Chapman, Nikki Humphreys, Shayla Smith, and Kenadie Sowards; Mrs. Pinkerton, Nirvanna Beaver, Makenzie Canterbury, Noah Donohew, Dillon Dumas, Lexie Edwards, Kash Halstead, Isabella Mayes, Addyson Norris – Page, and Matthew Shull; Mr. Roberts, Brycen Gillispie, Delia Mattox, and Brady Pearson; Ms. Wallbrown, Kaylee Dewitt and Connor Leon; Mrs. Wallis, Hunter Bryant, Siera Bush, Madison Litchfield, Jonathan Slayton, William (Wes) Smith III, Korie Waugh, Shawna Weethee, and Haley Wymer.

The following students have achieved faithful attendance: Mrs. Soulsby, Lane Dill, Teven Long, Chloe Preston, and Trenton Smith; Ms. Williamson, Coen Durst, Zoey Gibbs, and Paxton Putney; Mrs. Elam, Shyann See and Annabell Smith; Mrs. Ramirez, Renee Hurlow, John Thompson, and Chauncey Holler; Ms. Hall, Victoria Burris, Jeremiah Miller, and Julia Russell; Mrs. Morris, Kyrin Edmonds and Daisy Schoonover; Ms. Graziano, Makaya Edmonds and Landon Romine; Ms. Moore, Bayla Brown, Aiden Wallis and Brayden Wallis; Ms. Allinder, Isaiah Leport, Cheyenne Miller, and Shane Wears; Mrs. Preston, Kendall Holley; Mrs. Pinkerton, Noah Canterbury, Dillon Dumas, Isabella Mayes, Talan Pearson, Joey Pinkerton, and Lawrence Slayton; Ms. Wallbrown, Aubrey Hudson, Brianna Mayes, and Christopher Russell; Mrs. Wallis, Hunter Bryant, Justine Curry, Stephanie Leonard, Jonathon Slayton, and Korie Waugh.

The following students have achieved perfect attendance: Mrs. Elam, Liam Bush, Liam McDaniel, and Peyton Winters; Mrs. Ramirez, Marlie Fetty; Ms. Hall, Jazmin Triplett; Mrs. Morris, Serenity Putney; Ms. Graziano, Jake Bush and Jaylynn Deal; Ms. Moore, Liam Durst, Adyson Fetty, Isbella Plantz, and Deliah Clark; Ms. Allinder, Paizlee White; Mrs. Preston, Parker Litchfield, Colton Preston, Eli Simms, and Rylee Smith; Ms. Beller, Summer Flora, Jordan Harris, and Jared Robinson; Mrs. Pinkerton, Noah Donohew, Cohen McDaniel, and Emmanual Ventura; Mrs. Wallis, Lilian Neal and Nicole Patterson.