Mason County CEOS Council news

The Mason County Community Educational Outreach Service (CEOS) met at the court house annex on March 13 for its second meeting of the year.

Those in attendance were Lena Y. Fetty, Anne Byus, Eleanor Hoffman, Patty Johnson, Audrey Clarke, Sue Darst, Susan Paulson, Karen Randolph, Phyllis Hesson, Molly Miller, Isabelle Yoder, Mary Artis, Jeanette McDaniel, Sherry Mayes, Donna Short, Jackie Scarberry, Mary Sue Kincaid, Marylin Higginbotham, Carolyn Litchfield, Catherine Yauger, Clinedda Austin, Betty Mayes, and Lorrie Wright, Mason County Extension Agent and a Pleasant Club member.

The Camp Conley Club hosted the meeting and served lunch. The tables were decorated in a St. Patrick’s Day theme and favors also represented the holiday.

Artis, vice president of the Camp Conley Club, welcomed the members. Miller led the group in the flag salute

Hesson presented the meditation by reading, “The Empty Egg,” which was a story about a 12 year old boy who was handicapped, still in the second grade, but was fully able to grasp the meaning of Jesus’ empty tomb.

The Family Committee, chaired by Mayes, reported they will meet at the Mason County Health Department on April 16 to plan for fundraisers for the Breast Cancer Awareness project.

The Marketing and Membership headed up by Hoffman will be making plans for CEOD Week and planning the plant exchange and, “Taste of CEOS.” The public is invited to this event and it will take place in May.

The Continuing Education Committee led by Helen Lyons is making plans for the Outdoor Youth Expo to be held at the National Guard Armory on April 11 and 12 . The theme for the CEOS Exhibit will be,“Save the Bees,” and students will be instructed on how to make seed pods to grow flowers for the bees to pollinate.

The next activity at the Pleasant Valley Nursing/Rehab Center will be on April 9.

The Quilt Show committee engineered by Fetty, Byus, and Darst will be meeting to make plans for the Quilt Show in October. This committee works on this event most of the year.

Sharon Nibert was chosen to represent Mason County at the Folk Festival at Glenville in June as a Folk Festival Belle.

A budget for 2018 was approved and a nominating committee was selected to get new officers for 2019-20.

This will be the 90th year for extension work in Mason County and plans are being made to celebrate this milestone, one of the ways to celebrate will be making a cookbook.

Submitted by Secretary Catherine Yauger.