Pleasant CEOS Club news

The Pleasant Community Educational Outreach Service (CEOS) met at the Mason County Courthouse Annex on Feb. 8.

Mary Sue Kincaid and Marylin Higginbotham served lunch. The room was decorated in the Valentine theme. Favors were various heart shaped boxes filled with Valentine cakes.

President Clinedda Austin, called the meeting to order by asking members to stand and give the salute to the United States flag.

Kincaid presented the meditations by reading a poem entitled “Love Is” written by Marie A. Florian and scriptures from I Corinthians 13: 4-7 and Romans 12: 9-18.

Lorrie Wright presented the lesson entitled “Cast-Iron Cooking-Not Your Mother’s Skillet” written by Jamie Mullins, WVU Extension Agent in Calhoun County and by Wright, WVU Extension Agent in Mason County. In the last couple of decades, the interest in cast-iron cooking has resurfaced, mainly because of the advantages people have begun associating with cast-iron cookware. It is durable, versatile, nonstick and natural. The lesson dealt with how to clean, season and otherwise care for this cookware.

Higginbotham presented the Health Motivator Lesson entitled “The Beat Goes On” written by Terrill Peck, WVU Extension Agent in Raleigh County. Everyone wants a healthy heart and the lesson gave tips on having one, such as exercise, eating oily fish, eating more berries, adding oatmeal and flaxseed to your diet, using whole grain bread and brown rice, reducing your sodium and avoiding fried, high-fat foods.

The four educational committees reported. Family, Health and Volunteer Hours County Committee had a meeting on Feb. 12 at the Mason County Library to make plans for fundraisers for the Breast Cancer Awareness project. It was reported that the Charleston Area CEOS turned in 14,000 volunteer hours for the last reporting period and 7,000 of these were from Mason County CEOS members.

The Continuing Education County Committee was to meet at the Courthouse Annex on Feb. 13 to make plans for the Mason County Outdoor Youth Expo.

The Marketing and Membership County Committee is making plans for the annual “Taste of CEOS” and plant exchange and CEOS Day at the Mason County Fair.

Kincaid, Chairperson for the Purposeful Reading Committee for the Pleasant Club had five books on display from the CEOS Library to encourage members to read. She also gave then a four point challenge for February and heard reports of the results of the four point January challenge.

Austin who serves on the WVCEOS State Board gave a report on the board’s recent meeting.

In attendance: Clinedda Austin, Catherine Yauger, Linda Craig, Marylin Higginbotham, Mary Sue Kincaid, Carolyn Litchfield, Marcia Nibert, Donna Hart, Sharon Nibert and Lorrie Wright.

Submitted by Club Secretary Catherine Yauger.