Avalanche CEOS Club news

The Avalanche CEOS Club recently held its first meeting of 2018 on Jan. 25 at the Coffee Grinder.

Eleanor Hoffman was the hostess and the meeting was called to order by President Karen Randoph at 12:15 p.m. She led the club in the flag salute. Meditations were given by the members all said the Lord’s Prayer. Lesson Leader Hoffman presented the lesson on slow cooking in a fast world.

Treasurer’s Report was read by Treasurer Hoffman.

County Council meeting went well. For the EXPO, celery and carrots for kids was discussed. WVU Day at the Legislature is on Feb. 20 at 8:30 a.m. Let Lorrie Wright know who would like to attend.

In other business, there’s a board meeting in Jacksons Mill; a meeting was held Feb. 12 for breast cancer awareness at the Mason County Health Department; Regina Goodnite “Tip of the Hat” volunteer recognition was discussed.

Second Tuesday in March is the county council meeting. They are looking for a volunteer for Folk Belle with Patty Johnson thinking about going. In the fall, at the Jackson’s Mill meeting, Johnson talk about the meeting. Marilynn Clarke said it is a good Experience to go. Also discussed was the Christmas Craft Show at the Armory. Clarke talked about the fall meeting.

New Business Auction plan ahead for dates. Patsy Keathley suggest maybe March- June- September-December. Flo Leach seconded. Trash pick up maybe April, July, September.

Purpose full reading: Members read a total of 89 book. Meeting is second week of February at Mrs. Mckinney house. Attending the meeting: Audrey Clarke, Marilynn Clarke, Sue Darst, Regina Goodnite, Eleanor Hoffman, Patty Johnson, Patsy Keathley, Flo Leach, Karen Randolph, Bettie Roush.

Submitted by Treasurer Eleanor Hoffman.