CEOS County Council news

The Mason County Community Educational Outreach Service (CEOS) met at the Mason County Courthouse Annex on Jan. 9 with the Avalanche Club hosting the meeting.

The tables were decorated with snowmen and the favors were snowmen cups filled with assorted candies. The door prize was snowmen dish towels which were won by Catherine Yauger.

The business meeting was conducted by Clinedda Austin, president.

Anne Byus presented the meditations using an article from the Dear Abby column entitled, “Just For Today.” She closed by reading a prayer for the new year.

The Family, Health, and Volunteer Hours Committee set a date for a meeting for them to make plans for fund raisers for the Breast Cancer Awareness Program. Sherry Mayes is the chairperson for this committee.

Eleanor Hoffman, chairperson for the Marketing and Membership Committee, reported on plans which have been made for the CEOS Day at the Mason County Fair in August and announced a date for a committee meeting to make plans for the annual spring,“Taste of CEOS,” and plant exchange.

Helen Lyons, chairperson for the Continuing Education Committee, submitted a written report explaining a meeting for this committee scheduled on Feb. 13 to make plans for the CEOS participation in the Outdoor Youth Expo. Lyons also asked for members to sign up for a class in using the tablet.

Stella Morgan, chairperson for the Purposeful Reading Committee, reported that she had received reports from all five clubs and has her report ready to send to the state committee. Austin reported that Kathy Pleska’s book, “Riding on Comets,” has been added to the state’s purposeful reading list. Pleska is a former member of the Mason County CEOS.

The group was reminded of the Charleston Area CEOS planning meeting on Feb. 5 at the Putnam County Library and that Mason County would host the fall meeting for the Charleston area .

A new program called, “Tip of the Hat,” was started at this meeting where three names were drawn from a hat to be honored at the March meeting with an account of their achievements, etc. The names drawn were Carletta Wears, Natalie Morgan, and Regina Goodnite.

A sheet was passed for those wishing to attend West Virgina University Day at the Legislature on Feb. 20.

The clubs were asked to submit names for candidates to represent Mason County at the Folk Festival in June. All of the past belles who have attended this event have nothing but praise for the adventure.

The members were informed about the three scholarships for $500 each that are given every year by the West Virginia Community Educational Outreach Service (CEOS).

The members in attendance were Hoffman, Byus, Lyons, Mayes, Austin, Yauger, Jane Roush, Sue Darst, Karen Randolph, Susan Paulson, Marilyn Clark, Patty Johnson, Bettie Roush, Patsy Keathley, Phyllis Hesson, Natalie Morgan, Stella Morgan, Jerry Morgan, Donna Short, Marylin Higginbotham, Mary Sue Kincaid, Frankie Bumgarner, Betty Mayes and Lorrie Wright a Pleasant Club member and Mason County Extension Agent.

The CEOS welcomes new members, male and female, into a worthwhile organization that is very community minded. Anyone who has questions may call the Extension Office at (304) 675-0888.

Submitted by Secretary Catherine Yauger.