Point Pleasant Writers Guild celebrates Christmas

POINT PLEASANT — As with so many others at this time of year, members of the Point Pleasant Writers Guild recently joined together for fun and fellowship. They ate from a table laden with goodies, exchanged Christmas cards, and shared poems, songs, and laughter.

Guest Vicki Moore brought her poems, “Dream Christmas Morning,” and, “My Rapture,” to the table and delighted everyone by singing ,“He Left His Throne”.

Joe Ingerick read his poem entitled, “Courtship,” after which a brief round-table discussion followed on how this ritual is carried out in modern times.

Sue Underwood’s poem, “The Christmas Play,” described her recitation of, “Twas the Night before Christmas,” while wearing bright green suede shoes which was a matter of some embarrassment to 10 year old Sue. The shoes were meant to be blue. Underwood has decided that as long as we honor the reason for the season, it does not matter what color shoes we wear.

Woody Moore presented an item of, “Show and Tell:” a magazine featuring a picture of an iconic painting by Edward Hopper, “Night Hawks;” which shows a group of people in an all night diner. Moore has visited Hopper’s birthplace and boyhood home in Upper Nyack, New York. It is operated as the Edward Hopper House Art Center and serves as a nonprofit community cultural center featuring exhibitions, workshops, lectures, performances, and special events. As a little background on the artist, taken from Wikipedia, Hopper was born in 1882 and devoted much of his early career to advertising and etchings. Influenced by the Ashcan School of Art and taking up residence in New York City, Hopper began to paint his vision of modern America using the commonplaces of urban life with still, anonymous figures, and compositions that evoke a sense of loneliness. He died in 1967.

Feryle Lawrence regaled the group with one of her humorous memoirs, the subject being her three-year-old grandson.

To add to the laughter, Marilyn Clarke read, “A Politically Correct Christmas,”written by an anonymous author. In it we learned that Santa’s workers could no longer be called, “Elves:” they were, “vertically challenged.” Four of the eight reindeer had been released to the wilds by the Humane Society. Equal employment forced Santa to replace the reindeer with four pigs. He could no longer enjoy his pipe in the workshop because of the second hand smoke and its ill effect on the toy makers. Gifts could not be made of leather or fur, there would be no more toy guns so as to ad lib work for all and bring harm to none was Peace on Earth.

Patrecia Gray read her poem, “Help! Santa’s Stuck in the Chimney,” and a poem about cultural lies, “Without Rhyme or Reason.”

Underwood ended the readings with her poem, “The Christmas Mouse,” who climbed the Christmas tree and took the milk and cookies meant for Santa. His fun came to an end, however, when he got in the way of Santa’s heavy black boot. Ouch!

Also present to enjoy the festivities were Carol Newberry and April Pyles.

The Point Pleasant Writers Guild meets the first and third Wednesdays of the month from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. at the Mason County Library. All writers are welcome to attend. The first meeting of 2018 will take place Jan. 3.

Submitted by April Pyles.