Camp Conley CEOS Club news

POINT PLEASANT —The Camp Conley CEOS Club members recently met at the First Church of God Ministry Center for their November club meeting. Molly Miller served as hostess.

President Becky Haer opened the meeting by leading the members in the American and West Virginia flag pledges. Phyllis Hesson gave the meditation by reading, “The Heavens Declare the Glory of God,” by Helen Steiner Rice. The Secretary’s report was presented and approved. The Treasurer’s report was also presented which included proceeds from the club bake sale at the Craft Show.

Committee Reports:

Family – Hesson reported that new information was received at the Officers Training for this committee and that she was working on the yearly report of our club activities.

Marketing and Membership – Haer asked the members for suggestions for the program presented by the CEOS County Committee during the Mason County Fair. They would like this information included in the Fair Handbook if possible.

Craft Show – Darlene Haer and Miller helped set up the booth spaces on Friday.

Old Business: The Fall Achievement Meeting hosted by our club was a success as 31 members were in attendance from the county clubs. Becky Haer, Mary Artis, Miller, Phyllis Yoder, and Isabelle Yoder worked during the Craft Show either in the kitchen or at the club table selling homemade baked goods. Becky Haer, Artis, Miller, and Darlene Haer attended the Christmas Holiday Workshop held on Nov. 10 at the Faith Gospel Church with Wohelo CEOS Club in charge. Members also attended Officer’s Training for their various positions and committees they chair.

New Business: Our club Christmas Party will be held Dec. 19 at the First Church of God Ministry Center. Each member is to bring finger food and a gift for the gift exchange. Becky Haer will provide games.

A motion was made, seconded, and approved to make a monetary donation to Lakin Hospital’s Operation Santa Claus and to provide a ham and other items to the homeless shelter. Darlene Haer will call for a date to wrap Christmas gifts for the patients at Lakin Hospital. It was reported that an International student will be in Mason County next summer.

Miller, the health motivator, talked about a book she has on vinegar and how it affects our health and a discussion was also held on remedies for leg cramps.

Miller then presented the monthly lesson, “Eating Outside of Your Comfort Zone?”

Grocery stores are full of a wide variety of fruits, grains, vegetables, and meats that most of us have never seen or tried. We all get in a rut and purchase and eat the same food over and over again. Instead of thinking about buying the same thing, we should look at grocery aisles as a new horizon with new foods to discover and explore. She suggested that we try something new each week or so and to ask our friends and family members what foods they like or have tried recently. She listed several grains, vegetables, and meats we might like to try. Remember we eat with our eyes first; the food must look appealing. If it looks good, we are more likely to try something different and will eat healthier.

Anyone interested in joining our club is welcome. For more information please call 304-675-3173 or 304-675-6002.

Submitted by Club Treasurer and Secretary Darlene Haer.