Camp Conley CEOS news

Members of the Camp Conley CEOS Club have been busy the last few months. After their June meeting, they met several times at the West Virginia State Farm Museum to work in the Herb Garden they maintain by the Barker House. They worked to prepare the soil and dug up weeds and unwanted plants. Herbs and flowers were planted and the entire area was covered with mulch. Members then weeded at various times the rest of the summer. This is an ongoing community project of the club for many years.

The July monthly club meeting was cancelled because several members were out of town at that time.

For the August meeting, members traveled down on the farm to Bob Evans Restaurant at Rio Grande, Ohio. While waiting for their meals, various suggestions were presented for favors for the Fall Achievement Luncheon to be hosted by the club. The date was also discussed with final confirmation to be made later that week.

After dinner, a short business meeting was held led by President Becky Haer. Phyllis Hesson reported that 2177 volunteer hours were reported from our club for the year. Darlene Haer reported that members read 203 books, including one from the Purposeful Reading List, for the year. Becky, Phyllis and Darlene attended CEOS Day at the Mason County Fair. Also, Becky, Phyllis, Mary Artis and Isabelle Yoder worked in the Culinary Arts Department at the fair. Darlene, Becky, Isabelle and Jeannette McDaniel attend the Food Handlers Class. Phyllis already has her food handler’s permit. Motion was made and seconded to keep the same officers for the next club year. They are President-Becky Haer, Vice President-Mary Artis, Secretary-Phyllis Hesson and Treasurer-Darlene Haer. Committees and Issues Chairmen will remain the same. Attending were Phyllis Hesson, Becky Haer, Mary Artis, Mary Boggess, Jeannette McDaniel and Darlene Haer.

Molly Miller talked about her trip to Ireland with the state CEOS group during the September club meeting while enjoying soup and sandwiches provided by Darlene and Becky Haer. The meeting was held at the First Church of God. Phyllis Hesson presented the meditation entitled “Be Happy and Live a Life Positively”. Secretary and Treasurer reports were presented and approved. Health Motivator, Molly Miller, talked about the healthy people in Ireland. She showed us the various root vegetable they eat with very little meat. They also walk a lot.

Phyllis presented the County Council report of dates and events for the rest of the year. This included the Fall Achievement Luncheon to be held on October 28th. Registrations are due by October 20th. Also, the Holiday Workshop will be November 10th. Since the Lesson Leader was absent due to illness, the lesson will be presented at the October meeting. The rest of the evening was spent working on favors for the County Fall Achievement Luncheon. A date was set for another workshop later in the month.

Submitted by Club Secretary and Treasurer Darlene Haer.