Western Conservation District Approves AgEP contracts

The Western Conservation District has approved the following Mason County cooperators for financial assistance through the Agriculture Enhancement Program.

The following is a listing of cooperators and practices that were approved by the WCD Board on Sept. 17, 2015.

Approved for the Agricultural Lime practice: Danny Roush, Miles Epling, Carl Hogg, and David Snowden.

Approved for the practice of Nutrient Management: Keith Shirley, Dorsel Keefer, George J. Keefer, Carl Hogg, Miles Epling, Carl Durst, Neil Bumgarner.

Approved for the Cover Crop practice: Jamestowne Dairy, LLC.

Approved for Pollinator Habitat: Martin Schaffer and Theodore Salem.

Approved for Division Fence: George Keefer, Neil Bumgarner and George Sommer.

Approved for Exclusion Fence: William Saunders, George Keefer, Jamestowne Dairy, LLC, William Maynard and Douglas Randolph

Approved for Frost Seeding: George J. Keefer, Dorsel Keefer, David Smith, George B. Hoffman, Gordon Bowles, Theodore Salem

Approved for Water Systems: Twin Maple Farms, David Smith, Barry Haynes, Jordan Roush, Charles Zuspan and Dennis Call