Beale Elementary sends help for Harvey victims


The students in Amy Pinkerton’s fourth-grade class at Beale Elementary School were studying about natural disasters.

A question came up.

What’s the best way to help people in a natural disaster?

“The students said, ‘why can’t we help those people in Texas?’ ” said Betina Leslie, a Title I teacher at Beale who assists in Pinkerton’s classroom. “I said, ‘that’s a great idea.’ “

So, recently, several students in Pinkerton’s class brought relief supplies. They brought baby wipes, water, school supplies, markers, crayons, notebooks, glue sticks, water and disinfectant wipes.

And, they brought canned food. In fact, one boy stuffed 24 cans into his backpack. It was so heavy, he could hardly carry it.

“I fell twice trying to stand up with it,” said Matthew Shull. “It was very heavy.”

All of the supplies donated by the Beale students were delivered to a truck at the Piggly Wiggly supermarket in Point Pleasant, which was bound for Texas.

“I just wanted to help them, because I heard Harvey was a Category 5 hurricane and I knew it was bad,” Shull said. “I just want them to live a long life and be happy.”

Shull’s classmate, Lexie Edwards, said the same thing.

“Hurricane Harvey was just way too big and we wanted to help,” Edwards said. “There’s another one coming, and we want to help them, too.”

When Leslie heard the students mention Hurricane Irma, which was set to cause similar damage in Florida, she knew they had another great idea.

“We’ll see if the whole school wants to participate for Irma,” she said.

A total of five students from Pinkerton’s class participated in the project. In addition to Shull and Edwards, they are Addison Page, Ashlyn Dillinger and Makenzie Canterbury.