CEOS County Council meets


The Mason County Community Educational Outreach Service (CEOS) recently met at the court house annex.

The Pleasant Club hosted the meeting with a theme of Apples. Favors were red apples filled with a fall food mix which had been made from the bottom of a soda pop bottle. Brochures were a available which had been obtained by the president from Kent A. Leonhardt, commissioner of West Virginia Division of Agriculture entitled “Apples-Consumer Guide with Recipes.” Each attendee received a sheet of information about apples discovered in West Virginia. The first was the Grimes Golden discovered in Wellsburg by Thomas Grimes in 1805. The second was the Golden Delicious which grew from a chance seedling and was discovered by Anderson Mullins on the family farm in Clay County.

Stark Brothers Nursery purchased the rights to this tree and now the Golden Delicious is marketed worldwide. In 1995, the Golden Delicious became the official state fruit of West Virginia. Another apple, the Red York was discovered by John L. Hevener in his orchard in Roanoke, West Virginia about 1945.

To further carry out their theme the Pleasant Club served apple dumplings for dessert at the end of the luncheon.

The afternoon session was opened by President Clinedda Austin, by asking members to stand and give the pledge to the United States flag.

The president welcomed a new member of the Leon Club, Teresa Keefer.

Mary Sue Kincaid presented the meditations by reading an article on prayer taken from a book entitled “Day by Day” written by William Barclay.

A thank you note was read from Nena Hunt who was the recipient of the Outstanding 4-Her award presented by the Mason County CEOS to a Wahama High School 2017 graduate.

Reports were given by the four Educational Committees with Sherry Mayes, Chairperson of the Family, Health and Volunteer Hours committee reporting 6000 volunteer hours contributed to the community by CEOS members in 2016-17. She announced a bake sale for September 18 to benefit the Breast Cancer Awareness program. T-shirts for the cancer walk will have to be ordered and prepaid.

The committee was to have a Breast Cancer Wreath Hanging at the Mason County Library on Sept. 29 at 11:30 a.m. followed by a Pink Luncheon for all breast cancer survivors.

Registration sheets were passed out to those wishing to show a quilt or a quilt block at the 31st Annual “Harvest of Quilts” Quilt show sponsored by he CEOS and scheduled for this weekend at the West Virginia State Farm Museum.

Some members were to attend the Charleston Area Fall Meeting on Sept. 30 at the Bethany Baptist Church in St. Albans.

Members are also looking forward to the Mason County Fall Achievement meeting being planned by the Camp Conley Club for Oct. 28 and the Holiday Workshop to be hosted by the WoHeLo Club on Nov. 10.

Members present were: Doris Duncan, Catherine Yauger, Helen Lyons, Mary Sue Kincaid, Carolyn Litchfield, Frankie Bumgarner, Clinedda Austin, Jackie Scarberry, Marylin Higginbotham, Anne C. Byus, Yvonne Fetty, Teresa Keefer, Susan Paulson, Karen Randolph, Mary Artis, Stella Morgan, Jerry Morgan, Natalie Morgan, Donna Short, Phyllis Hesson, Betty Mayes, Eleanor Hoffman, Lorrie Wright, Patty Johnson, Sue Darst and Sherry Mayes.

Submitted by Secretary Catherine Yauger.