Democratic Women’s Association meets


The regular meeting of the Mason County Democratic Women’s Association was called to order by President Agnes Roush on Sept. 7 in the meeting room of the Mason County Library in Point Pleasant.

Jeff Martin who is from Jackson County and running for the West Virginia State Senate spoke to the group about his Revitalize West Virginia platform.

Acting Secretary Molly Park read the minutes of the previous meeting. The financial report was presented by Treasurer Mercedes Sayre. Linda Brewer discussed the sale of t-shirts at the Mason County Fair. Those remaining will be offered for sale at the annual meeting of the West Virginia Federation of Democratic Women, Inc. later this month.

Mercedes Sayre thanked all volunteers who helped with the fair booth in August. A nominating committee, including Bonnie Fruth, Marty Reed, and Linda Brewer was created for the purpose of finding members to serve as officers for 2018. They will report back to the meeting in October.

The matter of increasing annual dues from $5 to $10 was raised by the president. Upon discussion it was determined that the executive committee must first recommend this before the membership can vote on it. A five minute recess was called for the regular meeting while the members of the executive committee met and acted upon the increase in dues, which was approved. When the regular meeting reopened, Beverly Forbes moved to accept the recommendation of the executive committee and Doma Hern seconded. There being no opposition, the annual dues were raised from $5 to $10 starting in 2018.

The president asked about the chili bean dinner in October. Beverly Forbes suggested that the get together be delayed until after all candidate filings for office are completed in 2018. A discussion about possible sites for this event and others occurred, with a definite determination to be made in October.

Beverly Forbes moved and Bonnie Fruth seconded that the Christmas party be held on the first Thursday in December, with the organization furnishing the meat and drinks. The motion was approved.

The 50-50 Drawing of $42 was won by Linda Monks a guest from Jackson County. There being no further business, Bonnie Fruth moved that the meeting be adjourned.

Those in attendance were: Bonnie Fruth, Linda Morris, Suzi Caldwell, Marty Reed, Lisa Crump, Floyd Sayre, Mickey Whalen, Jeff Martin, Doma Hern, Beverly Forbes, Linda Monks, Lucille Cox, Scott Brewer, Linda Brewer, Jerrie Howard, Molly Park, Mercedes Sayre, and Agnes Roush.