Camp Conley CEOS goes on annual outing

Members of the Camp Conley CEOS Club met at the home on Darlene and Becky Haer on June 20 for their annual club outing.

The members traveled to Marietta, Ohio for the day. Upon arriving in Marietta, they noticed a sign for Trolley Tours. Following the signs to the pickup stop on the Ohio River, they waited and waited. No trolley. So they visited the Welcome Center and was told the trolley only operated during the latter part of the week. After picking up several maps and other information, the first stop was the market located near the armory. Various fresh vegetables, fruits and cookies were purchased from local vendors.

Always looking for something unusual (or a bargain) the next stop was the Antique Mall of Marietta. Some members purchased glassware they collect and other items. Since shopping works up an appetite, the next stop was for lunch. Following a recommendation from the Welcome Center women, a delicious lunch was eaten at the Marietta Wine Cellars Restaurant.

Then back to First Street to visit the various shops including primitive items, flags and outdoor decorations, bakery and chocolates. Members then traveled to Williamstown and followed the road along the river to Vienna and the Mall. After doing some shopping and again looking for bargains, the members headed for home. But first a stop was made at Steak and Shake for ice cream shakes.

Phyllis presented the lesson “More Meat For Your Money” during the drive home. She told about which part of the animal the meat comes from to help us choose leaner and healthier cuts of meat. We also talked about how to cook the meat and temperatures needed to destroy harmful bacteria. A short business meeting was conducted. After some discussion, there will be no meeting in July because several members will be out of town. Arriving safely back home, it was the end of a relaxing and enjoyable day for members Molly Miller, Phyllis Hesson, Mary Artis, Becky Haer and driver Darlene Haer.

Submitted by Club Treasurer and Reporter Darlene Haer.