Locals make MU Dean’s List

The names of Marshall University students who made the dean’s list for the Spring 2017 semester are available on the Marshall website for use by the media.

To make the dean’s list, students must have a 3.3 or above grade point average for a minimum of 12 hours. Marshall has 2,914 students included on the website for spring. Students who requested their names not be published are excluded from the list.

From Mason County; Brittany Belcher, Brandon Henderson, Alicia McCarty, Larry McCarty, Andrew McComas, Alec Stanley, Anna Taylor, Summer Wright, Matthew Bickerdt, Shaeden Black, Kamille Bonecutter, Chelci Canterbury, Nicholas Hatfield, Kaitlyn Henry, Cassie Jordan, Thaddeus Martin, Kaci Riffle, Tyler Sayre, Courtney Searls, Lorie Siders, Haley Sturgeon, Kennedy Young, Jessica Allen, Charli Leach, Jill Long, Joseph Barton, Steven Gibbs, Alva Johnson, Candice Stevens, Cobie Bowers, Randi Cobb, Aislyn Hayman, Jacob Martin, Katelyn Miller, Charles Stearns, Brandi Stroup, Kelsey Billups, Jenna Fields, Morgan Harrison, Elizabeth Hendrick, Amy Lewis, Lisa Lewis, Rachel Rollins, Joshia Sayre, Jourdan Scott, Barbara Thomas, James Daughterty, Macey Henry, Ricky Kearns, Kelsey McDaniel, Alexander Tillis, Lakin Bissel, Jesse Johnson, Ryan Thomas, Cadence Weaver, Kaitlyn Zerkle, Nickolis Blackburn, Kaylyn Foster, Bethany Legge, Samuella Alexander, Jacey Beaver, Ethan Bellamy, Keaton Burch, Aaron Chapman, Ashley Coon, Sydney Crawford, Myranda Endicott, NaShayla Fauver, Josie Fisher, Cheyenne Fultz, Courtney Hatfield, Chad Hesson, Jessilynn Hill, Michael Hineman, Emilee Hitt, Brittany Hively, Michaela Hogg, Sarah Hussell, Brook Kapp, Rhett Lanier, Jamin Layton, Anna Leonard, Johnathan Lilly, Melissa Lipscomb, Nathan Lloyd, Hayley Logan, Olivia Logan, Nathan Loomis, Donald Matheny, Alexis Meadows, Cody Mitchell, Debra Mullens, MacKenzie Newell, Brenda Oliver, Morgan Pierce, Alex Potter, Sydney Raike, Brycen Reymond, Vickey Reynolds, Kyra Riffle, Shelby Rodgers, Sarah Salyers, Cody Siders, Michelle Simpkins, Abigail Slone, Jayla Smith, Alex Somerville, Rickie Starcher, Ryan Taylor, Alexis Thomas, Siera Toles, Eric Tompkins, Darrian Walker, Victoria Walker, Trenton Wamsley, Anthony Ward, Ashtyn Wedge, Anna Woomer, Mary Workman, Scotty Wroten, Justin Morgan, Corey Mundell, Ameia Stanley, Richelle Boswell, Kaley Johnson, Savannah McDaniel, Rose Sullivan, and Chelsea Zuspan.

Many students and their parents have requested that Marshall make the dean’s list available to publications that cover their hometowns. Each student’s name, hometown, county (for West Virginia) and state are included on the dean’s list, which is accessible at http://www.marshall.edu/ucomm/deans-list-spring-2017.

Submitted by the Marshall University Office of Communications.