Camp Conley CEOS news

During the last three months, the Camp Conley CEOS Club members have been busy preparing and planning for many 2017 upcoming events. At the February meeting, dates were announced for education committee members to meet and plan for the Youth Expo and “Taste of CEOS and Plant Exchange” Two seed packets of herbs were given to Molly Miller to prepare for planting at the West Virginia Farm Museum Herb Garden. A list of deceased county club members and their spouses was compiled for purchase of books for the Memorial Service to be held during the County Spring Meeting. Mary Artis was the hostess and Phyllis Hesson was lesson leader. Members discussed various simple ways to save money in areas of food, clothes, transportation, utilities, personal habits and shopping. Living frugally is a lifestyle change that requires awareness, willpower and determination.

The March meeting was held at the First Church of God with Isabelle Yoder serving as hostess. For meditations, Isabelle read several excerpts from a devotional book entitled “Today.” Phyllis reminded club members to save two liter bottle caps for the Family Committee. Isabelle reported that the County Continuing Education Committee were to be in charge of the CEOS display table at the Youth Expo April 12 and 13. Camp Conley members were to work on the 12th from 11:30 to 2:30. Marketing and Membership Committee reported that the Taste of CEOS/plant exchange was to be held on Thursday, May 25th at the Youth Center in Harmon Park from 10 a.m. t0 2 p.m.

Mary Artis volunteered to compile the club scrapbook. The club was to host the County Council Meeting May 9. A lunch menu and favors were discussed. The County Spring meeting was to be April 27 at the New Hope Baptist Church. Becky Haer was to provide food for the coffee hour. March 28 was to be Extension Day at the Legislature. Isabelle presented the lesson “Sleep: from A to ZZZ.” The sleep cycle involves a natural and predictable pattern of stages that actively involves your brain and body system. The five-stage cycle repeats throughout the night. Sleep is affected by many factors: your internal biological clock, natural body chemicals and hormones, environmental cues, fatigue and the foods, beverages and medicines we consume. Sleep is linked to health and quality of life including health, performance, mood and safety. Establishing healthy sleep patterns benefits you in many ways.

The April meeting was held at the First Church of God with Becky Haer providing the refreshments. Isabelle Yoder read the meditations from Life’s Journey booklet entitled “Upstream” and “As You Go Through Life.” Phyllis Hesson gave the Secretary’s report followed by the Treasurer’s report by Darlene Haer. We were reminded to continue saving pop tabs, pill bottles and printer cartridges as part of the Family Committee 2017 plan of action. Phyllis and Mary Artis worked for the club at the Youth Expo passing out rocks and pamphlets with instructions as to how to paint them and later hid them for the Continuing Education Committee. Camp Conley was to provide salads for the Marketing and Membership Committee Taste of CEOS/Plant Exchange to be held on Mary 25 at the Harmon Park Youth Center. Darlene reported that she had purchased “Red Helmet” by Homer Hickan from the Purposeful Reading List. She will share it with club members to read for extra credit recognition for the Purposeful Reading Committee

Under Old Business, final plans were made for the county council lunch served on May 9. Darlene and Phyllis were to shop for supplies and food. Members were to meet and work on May 8. Phyllis and Mary attended the Extension Day at the Legislature and told of their activities that day.

Molly reported that she will set the work schedule for the Herb Garden at the May meeting after the chance of frost is gone. Health Motivator, Molly Miller, talked about attending a Diabetic Cooking

School at St. Mary’s a few years ago. She shared diets, food exchange list and other booklets used to help diabetics eat healthy.

Becky Haer presented the lesson “Addiction: A Community Crisis.” Substance abuse is an epidemic. Individuals from every socioeconomic background, education level and ethnicity are impacted by addiction. It robs the person battling the disease, as well as their loved ones and the communities in which they live, and often leaves everyone feeling hopeless. West Virginia has one of the highest opioid prescription rates with an average of 138 prescriptions written for every adult. Risk facts that make an individual more susceptible to developing addiction in their lifetime include environment, social pressure, mental illness and age. After some discussion, the members decided that the persons hurt most by substance abuse are the children. This is seen in the schools and the broken homes these children live in. The work of the Meeting House was also discussed.

Camp Conley CEOS Club meets the third Tuesday of the month. If interested in attending, please call 304-675-6002 or 304-675-3173.

Submitted by Club Treasurer and Secretary Darlene Haer.