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Mason County CEOS County Council recently met at the First Church of God Ministry Center.

Mason County CEOS County Council recently met at the First Church of God Ministry Center.

POINT PLEASANT — The Mason County Community Educational Outreach Service (CEOS) County Council met at the First Church of God Ministry Center on May 9. Camp Conley was the host club. The room was beautifully decorated with spring flowers, pastel cloths and favors were a butterfly on a clothespin and a package of flower seeds. They served baked potatoes with all the trimmings and in keeping with the garden theme served dirt cake for dessert.

Clinedda Austin, president, opened the meeting at 11:05 a.m. and welcomed everyone on behalf of the Camp Conley Club. She welcomed a new member of the Wohleo Club, Stephanie Peters.

Phyllis Hesson presented the meditations centered around the butterfly. She said the butterfly reminds us of the power of God’s love to transform our lives. Scripture was read from Psalm 100:3. Hesson then said grace for our meal and took prayer requests from members. Several requests were made and all were for serious concerns.

After lunch the group re-convened at 11:57 a.m. with the pledge to the United States flag. Roll Call revealed the following attendance: Avalanche: 9, Camp Conley: 4, Leon: 4, Pleasant: 5, and Wohelo: 3 for a total of 25.

Secretary’s report was read and approved as written because secretary could not read properly. Marie Mayes presented the treasurer’s report.

Committee reports. Family, Health and Volunteer Hours: Sherry Mayes reminded everyone to keep tract of volunteer hours and turn in by Aug 15. No hours would be received after that. Marketing and Membership report: Eleanor Hoffman passed out new signs for members to display at their homes during CEOS Week. She also passed out signs Lorrie had made to identify plants brought to the plant exchange, and posters advertising the “Taste of CEOS” and plant exchange. The committee has also completed a new information brochure and business cards which will be used at future events.

Continuing Education report. Helen Lyons was not in attendance but sent a written report which is filed with these minutes. Clinedda reported that they handed out 450 rocks and instruction sheets at the Mason County Youth Expo. Letart Sand and Gravel of Gallipolis Ferry, furnished the rocks. There was receptacles at the meeting to deposit used ink cartridges, pop can tabs and plastic bottle caps. The plastic bottle caps are being used to make picnic tables, benches, etc. It was mentioned that it might be good to donate our pop can tabs to Holdyn Keefer, a young boy who is battling cancer and has a drive in place to collect these tabs up through May 20th.

Purposeful Reading report. Stella Morgan asked members to keep a list of books read and the authors. She also asked everyone to mark the books that were from the state CEOS Purposeful Reading List. She said the Bible counts as two books and magazines and audio books also count. These lists are due by Aug 15.

Special committee reports. PVNRC- Visit was made on May 8, Pleasant Club was in Charge. Played Bingo with residents and Clinedda presented all the ladies with a corsage for Mother’s Day. Eight members helped.

Memorial Book and Service: Clinedda complimented Darlene on the selection of books. Ways and Means Committee. Our organization is in need of more funds. Yard Sale is planned for May 27th on Courthouse Annex parking lot. They will need helpers. Each club is asked to price their items. 2017 4-H Senior Awards: the committee has met and selected a winner from Wahama High School and Point Pleasant High School. There were no applicants from Hannan.

Handmade Holiday Treasurers Craft Show:Sherry Mayes reported that Carolyn had placed an ad in the newspaper and she had received applications from two new vendors as a result of that ad. They are planning to make signs to advertise the event along the roadsides. They will also promote this event at the plant exchange.

West Virginia Extension Day at the Legislature. Eight members attended. Mason County was the only CEOS group there. They got to witness several bills passed. It was a very interesting day. Jim Butler did a fantastic job the night before, according to members. They were also impressed with the Forestry and Fur presentations. The 150th Birthday of West Virginia University was celebrated. They ate at Fat Patties in Teays Valley which was also very enjoyable.

Other Reports. Club Connections: articles due to Carolyn by May 21 from the Continuing Educational and Purposeful Reading Committees. Article topic for this issues is “What does the pledge of Allegiance & American flag mean to you.” Charleston Area Spring Meeting: 18 members attended from Mason County.

Unfinished business reports. Anyone wishing to help with crafts at 4-H Camp must have Title 9 Training which lasts about 1.5 hours.

These are scheduled for May 17 and June 3 at the courthouse annex. Older Camp is set for June 11-15 and younger camp for June 18-22. The kitchen in the dining hall will not be completed by that time. Lunch and dinner will be catered by Brad Deal. Eleanor said CEOS is scheduled for the first class after lunch and for CEOS members to eat before they come because they have ordered only enough meals for campers.

Culinary Arts at the Mason County Fair was discussed. Clinedda needs help to register and to watch the display throughout the fair. Exhibitors may pick up their entries after 9:00 p.m. on Saturday night . The fair is scheduled for Aug. 7-12. Registration of entries will be on Sunday and judging will be done on Monday.

Marie Mayes has ordered 70 new t-shirts. The CEOS emblem will be enlarged on the back of the shirts and a smaller logo can be put on the front or on a sleeve. Marie is financing this project and members can purchase shirts from her.

Eleanor had raffle tickets for sale on the West Virginia History quilt made by the Quilts ‘N Things Quilt Guild for the benefit of the dining hall at the Mason County 4-H Camp. Tickets are being sold six for $5. Pleasant CEOS Club also donated $75 for the completion of this quilt.

Ways and Means Committee will meet following this meeting. Clinedda requested that members show up for the signing of the Proclamation of CEOS Week by the Mason County Commission on May 18.

In attendance: Avalanche: Karen Randolph ,Susan Paulson, Florence Leach, Marilyn Clarke, Audrey Clarke, Patty Johnson, Anne Byus, Yvonne Fetty and Eleanor Hoffman. Camp Conley: Darlene Haer, Phyllis Hesson, Molly Miller, and Isabelle Yoder. Leon, Natalie Morgan, Jerry Morgan, Stella Moran and Sherry Mayes. Pleasant: Clinedda Austin, Catherine Yauger, Marylin Higginbotham, Frankie Bumgarner and Mary Sue Kincaid. Wohelo: Marie Mayes, Betty Mayes and Stephanie Peters.

Meeting adjourned at 1:10 p.m.

Submitted by Catherine Yauger, secretary.

Mason County CEOS County Council recently met at the First Church of God Ministry Center. County CEOS County Council recently met at the First Church of God Ministry Center.