CEOS members travel to state capitol

Recently, eight members of several Mason County Community Educational Outreach Service clubs traveled to Charleston to visit the state capitol.

West Virginia University was celebrating its 150th birthday there that same day. CEOS clubs and 4-H clubs operate under the auspices of WVU so there were several displays explaining activities in which those two groups are involved. Other displays told some of the history of WVU as well as giving information on opportunities such as degrees in the medical field available at WVU Charleston and degrees in the agricultural field. There was a wide range of subjects from information on the Appalachian Forest Heritage Area to information on a junior firefighting camp held at Jackson’s Mill (location of the state 4-H camp) to information promoting healthy lifestyles.

After viewing the displays, the CEOS members were seated in the gallery to observe the legislative session. They heard discussions of the pros and cons of bills to be voted on that day and then were able to watch the actual voting. At a recess in the session, they met with Jim Butler and Scott Brewer, legislators representing our area, who asked if there were any concerns they would like to see brought up at future sessions. Lorrie Wright, Mason County Extension Agent, presented Butler and Brewer each with a framed poster celebrating the 150th year of West Virginia. On the poster, some of the state’s counties were represented. Mason County was one of them and showed pictures of the Mothman and the battle monument at Tu-Endie-Wei State Park.

Club members were in the rotunda for the release of balloons and streamers and the cutting of a cake to help celebrate WVU’s birthday. They also signed a birthday card for the university. Of course, blue and gold were the colors of the day. Governor Jim Justice was also on hand to take part in the celebration. The CEOS members had an opportunity to meet him and have a picture taken with him. Another “celebrity” on hand was the Mountaineer, WVU’s mascot.

Before heading home, CEOS members enjoyed a meal at a local restaurant. Those attending were Mary Artis, Clinedda Austin, Anne Byus, Yvonne Fetty, Phyllis Hesson, Patty Johnson, Mary Sue Kincaid and Lorrie Wright.

Submitted by CEOS Member Mary Sue Kincaid.