Avalanche CEOS club meets

The Avalanche CEOS club held its regular monthly meeting on April 20, at the Country Corner Cafe in Letart.

The meeting was called to order by President Patty Johnson. Yvonne Fetty lead in the flag salute. Anne Byus gave meditations on the meaning of the Easter Egg and everyone prayed The Lord’s Prayer. Catherine Wandling gave the Lesson on Drugs and Addiction. Secretary’s Report was read by Patsy Keathley and was approved as read. Yvonne Fetty reported on the visit to PVNH on April 10. The Easter Bunny visited with the residents, members played bingo, sang songs and gave filled Easter eggs and prizes to all bingo winners.

Phyllis Hesson played the piano for the singing. Marylin Clarke reported number of books read by members was, 65, with two purposeful reading books, as well as papers and reading allowed. She also said April is National Poetry month. Anyone wanting to submit a short story or poem to be published needs to have them in by Sept. 15. Health Motivator Helen Smithson gave a report on the brain and how being physically active is beneficial to the brain.

Old Business: The Charleston Spring Luncheon was reported on by Patty Johnson. Maryiln Clarke, Eleanor Hoffman and Patty Johnson went from Avalanche Club, she also told about The Youth Expo and four members helped with that.

New Business: The Spring Luncheon on April 27. Yard Sale May, 27 with proceeds going to County Council. May 25 is the Plant Exchange and lunch at Harmon Park. Avalanche Club will be bringing desserts. It was decided that the club will participate in The Big Truck Day again this year, hosted by Early Education Station.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:50 pm. Auction was held after meeting and conducted by Helen Smithson. Attending the meeting were Marge Blake, Anne Byus, Audrey Clark, Yvonne Fetty, Regina Goodnite, Patty Johnson, Patsy Keathley, Bettie Roush, Helen Smithson, Catherine Wandling, and Susan Paulson.

Submitted by Club Secretary Patsy Keathley.