Pleasant CEOS Club news

The Pleasant CEOS Club recently met at the courthouse annex with Marcia Nibert serving as hostess. The room was decorated in the theme of St. Patrick’s Day. The president and one guest, Marie Mayes, from the Wohelo Club, were even dressed in keeping with the theme.

Nibert served lasagna, cole slaw, rolls, Watergate salad and drinks.

President Clinedda Austin, presented the hostess with a thank you gift and presented birthday gifts to Nibert, birthday March 19, Linda Craig, birthday on March 19 and Frankie Bumgarner, birthday on March 22.

Austin called the meeting to order and members gave the pledge to the United States flag. Mary Sue Kincaid presented the meditations taken from a women’s devotional booklet entitled “Women of God—Living Loved.” The story was called “Guaranteed.” Scripture was taken from Jeremiah. The story emphasized God’s guarantee of His love for us.

The Secretary’s report was read and approved as read. Linda Craig gave the following treasurer’s report: Balance February 1, 2017 $724.56. No income. Disbursements: Kincaid –Dreft for Cuddlers Project $34.18. Total disbursements came out to $ 34.18, with a balance of $690.36 as of Feb. 28.

Austin presented the lesson entitled “Sleep: From A to ZZZ” written by Elaine Bowen, WVU Extension Specialist Gwen Crum, WVU Extension Agent in Wood County and Emily Cobun, WVU Graduate Research Assistant. The lesson dealt with the Basics of Sleep and the surprising benefits of sleep. We are just beginning to understand sleep and how it impacts our lives, establishing healthy sleep patterns benefit us in many ways. Austin conducted a Myth or Fact question and answer segment.

Marylin Higginbotham presented the Health Motivator lesson entitled “Train Your Brain” written by Sue Flanagan, WVU Extension Agent in Berkeley County. It gave eight ways to train your brain; read, play games, learn Something new, volunteer, ditch your calculator and do math in your head, challenge yourself, learn a new sport and do puzzles.

The following is the educational reports; family, health and volunteer hours gave no report. Continuing Education reported included a Youth Expo which will be held on April 12-13 at the National Guard Armory. The theme will be “Hide and Seek.” There will be rock painting and other activities, possibly a Scavenger Hunt. Marketing and Membership – Frankie Bumgarner reported the Taste of CEOS and Plant Exchange will be held May 25 at Harmon Park during CEOS Week. Pleasant Club is responsible for appetizers. Anyone who can is to bring a live centerpiece. Rodney Walbrown will be speaking on gardening.

Purposeful Reading report given by Kincaid, including five books from the CEOS Library on display to encourage reading. “The New Self-Sufficient Gardener”, “The Unquiet Earth”, “Straight on Til Morning”, “Celebrating Candy”, and “Best Sellers from Readers Digest Condensed Books.” Kincaid passed a sheet for members to record books read. Carolyn Litchfield won the book for having read the most books since last meeting. Litchfield said she had not been a reader but since she began having problems with her hearing, it was more enjoyable to read a book than watch television. She also has an Amazon Kindle which makes books more accessible. Mary Sue reported on a book she had read entitled “Don’t Go” written by Lisa Scottoline which contained wholesome language, the plot was interesting and kept the reader guessing about “who-don-it” until the very end. Kincaid reported that from Nov. 1, 2016 through Jan. 31, members of the Pleasant Club had read 64 book, 7 members had read magazines and 7 members had read newspapers. The book that Litchfield won for reading the most books last month was “All Through the Night” written by Mary Higgins Clark and was brought back to this meeting. It was decided to pass this book among members, Higginbotham took the book to read. Kincaid closed her presentation with “This weekend, after you attend the Black Knight Revue, read a book. Keep Reading.”

The special reports are as follows. Cuddlers Project: Higginbotham reported only one baby was in the program and she was to be discharged that day. NVON Project In Common-“Eat Local Eat Healthy”: Members encouraged to raise their own food and were told there are many ways to do this, including container gardening or straw-bale gardening as examples. The County Spring Meeting theme is “Lettuce Turnip the Beat for CEOS.” and it will be held April 27 at New Hope Baptist Church. Wallbrown will be speaking about composting and Lorrie Wright might have a segment on Herb preservation. Ausin may write a skit.

Charleston Area Spring Meeting was March 25 with Cabell County hosting. Twenty-one members planned to attend from Mason County. Mason County is responsible for the registration.

Old business reports are as follows. Little Free Libraries: nothing reported. Still in process-getting closer. Club Scrapbook: Kincaid did January, February, and March. Austin will do April, May and June. Litchfield still has old scrapbooks at home which she needs help with putting on new backs.

New business reports are as follows: 2017 Outdoor Youth Expo: need help the days of the Expo. WVU Day at the Legislature: Lorrie Wright will be taking the county van. Ways and Means Committee: county committee met on March 16 at 11 a.m. at the annex. Charleston Area Leadership Day: will be held at Cabell County 4-H Camp on March 29, at 9 a.m. Reservations need to be made by March 20, lunch will be furnished. Continuing Education Committee Meeting: county meeting will be held March 20 at the Annex at 10 a.m.

Austin reported that Pat Gruber has retired as State Advisor and Keri Wade was serving in this capacity but only 25 percent of the time due to budget cuts. The WVCEOS would like members to write to West Virginia University and ask for a full time advisor.

Litchfield asked members to support a fundraiser for Mandy Spencer who has been diagnosed with Guillain-Barre syndrome. It was a spaghetti dinner held March 11.

Those in attendance included: Clinedda Austin, Catherine Yauger, Linda Craig, Frankie Bumgarner, Marylin Higginbotham, Leona Stover, Carolyn Litchfield, Mary Sue Kincaid, Marcia Nibert, Lorrie Wright and one guest, Marie Mayes from the Wohelo Club. The meeting adjourned at 1:52 p.m.

Submitted by Club Reporter Catherine Yauger.