WoHeLo CEOS Club news

The WoHeLo CEOS met in February with a theme of “Love’s in the Air.” Dedicated to having a wonderful year, WoHeLo CEOS held another strong, work-filled meeting. Beverly Buckle, Doris Duncan, Patricia Flora, Linda Holley, Emma Long, Betty Mayes, President Marie Mayes, Betty McCoy, Letha Rice, Desire Sparks, and two guests: Stephanie Peters and Clinedda Austin, enjoyed a chili lunch to kick off their day before their meeting.

Canning jars and brain activity was the talk of the meeting. Members told stories from their childhood that involved the different uses they saw their parents had for canning jars. There was even a small activity that involved making bath salts and storing them in canning jars. As for brain activity; members connected with each other and shared the different ways they keep their brain’s active. The different ways consisted of: Word Searches, Puzzles, Solitaire, Games on their phones/tablets, learning a new craft/skill, reading, math work, and many other interesting habits.

Members mentioned a few activities they would like to see the club do and agreed to talk about them more in depth at the next meeting. Members also decided not to set a date to have Mr. Douthit finish their Blessing Box and Book Exchange box yet. Members were asked to think of easy and cheap craft ideas for the upcoming Holiday Workshop.

Plants are needed for the Plant Exchange and Taste of CEOS that will be May 25.

The WoHeLo CEOS Club then met in March. At the third meeting for the year WoHeLo members: Beverly Buckle, Doris Duncan, Janelle Erwin, Patricia Flora, Linda Holley, Emma Long, Betty Mayes, President Marie Mayes, and Desire Sparks had a great deal of items to discuss.

At the previous meeting members, had been asked to come up with new activities for the club to do; some suggestions that were talked about at the March meeting were: Teach a crochet class, rides at Cass and/or Ritter Park and have a picnic, have a self-defense class, geo-cashing, take a tour of Legislature, governor’s hall, State Capital, etc.., as well as several other unlisted ideas that the members anticipating. As well as each month slowly passes by the members are being asked to give their input on cheap and easy ideas for crafts for their Holiday Workshop that will be hosted in November.

Members are excited for the upcoming Outdoor Youth Expo that is April 12-13 at the National Guard Armory. Members say they are also delighted to see their finished project for the Blessing Box and Book Exchange box that is being built by Mr. Douthit and his ag classes at Hannan High School.

April will bring several busy days for these active members such as the Youth Expo and the Mason County Spring Luncheon. CEOS Week is May 21-27. The Taste of CEOS and Plant Exchange will be May 25 at the Harmon Park Youth Center in Point Pleasant.

The next meeting for WoHeLo CEOS will be April 19. Lunch will start at 11 a.m. at Ashton Baptist Church; meeting will follow. New potential members are always welcomed to come and enjoy the day with a full lunch, participate in the meeting, and meet new people.

Submitted by Club Reporter Desire Sparks.