Recipes and remembrances

Burger Queen

By Betty Smith - Special to the Register

My mother was a short, stocky lady who always wore an apron. Sometimes she would forget to take it off to go to church. She was also the best school cook ever to be found.

My brothers and sisters, along with a lot of other hungry children, crowned my mom queen every day, when I was in grade school. We were so proud to have a mom in such an honored position. We were treated a little more special, as we received extra portions. As I look back now, she really did not do us any favors, being her children we turned out to be heavier than we should be. All the children thought that the school meals too were so delicious; we felt like we were eating at a five-star restaurant.

One of my favorite dishes then and now is “potato burgers.” They were patties made of grated potatoes, seasoned just right with salt and pepper, topped with lots of tomato juice and a huge portion of love.

Potato Burgers

Depending on the size of the family determines, of course, how much ingredients are used. This recipe is set up for an average sized family.

1 lb. ground beef, ground chuck or ground venison

2 large grated potatoes

1 large grated onion

1 large can of tomato juice

Mix well the first three ingredients. Make into patties and place in a casserole dish or bread pan. Patties should be about the size of a regular burger. Pour can of tomato juice over the patties and bake for 1 hour at 350º. Let cool a little and enjoy with another vegetable for a complete meal or even on a bun.

Burger Queen

By Betty Smith

Special to the Register