Busy 4’s 4-H Club news

President Emily Parsons, called the February meeting of the Busy 4’s 4-H club to order. “WV Boys and Girls” and the 4-H pledge was led by Courtney Young and Julia Parsons. Emily Keefer read “When Birds Begin to Sing” for meditations. The secretary’s report was read by Aleah Gerwig. Leader Sheila Parsons, gave the treasurer’s report.

The recycled bird feeders that were selected as winners belonged to Julia Parsons, Breena Clutter and Luke Raynes. Plastic bag receipts were collected for the ongoing recycling project. Sheila reminded everyone to bring a receipt to the March meeting as it is getting close to time for submitting the final count for club’s environmental report. Members brought newspapers and magazines as their recycled item of the month. The recycled item for next month will be tin cans. Club members brought cleaning products and cat or dog food to donate to the animal shelter. They also brought canned fruit to send to the Leon Baptist food pantry. Items to be brought for the pantry in March are bar soap and laundry detergent.

Under new business, members were reminded that everyone needs to do an environmental poster for March. Rules on the posters and tips for making a good poster were given. Dates and times for upcoming events were given. Dance Weekend will be March 10-12 and Teen Leader Weekend will be March 24-26. The Miss 4-H Pageant will be March 18. If anyone is interested in joining the archery team, they need to do so soon as the deadline is coming up.

Olivia Boggess gave the health report for the month on flossing. She gave members a package of floss then proceeded to show them how to floss properly. Refreshments were served and meeting was adjourned.

Submitted by Club Reporter Julia Parsons