Busy 4’s club news

The Jan. 16 meeting of the Busy 4’s 4H club was called to order by President Emily Parsons.

Courtney Young and Julia Parsons lead the song and pledge. Haley Pierson read “The Snow Outside My Window” and Miranda Payne read “ Winter Time” for meditations. The secretary’s report was read by Emily Parsons. A motion was made by Olivia Boggess to accept the report as read, it was seconded by Courtney Young and motion passed.

Sheila Parsons reported that the donation for Tennessee 4-Hers was given to Lorrie Wright who delivered it to Tennessee on Dec. 26.

Old business: Leftover achievement awards were handed out. The receipts for the plastic bag challenge were collected. Ten members brought their recycled birdfeeders and several members brought cardboard boxes for our recycled item of the month. Food brought for the church pantry was 13 cans of beans and 20 boxes of cornbread mix.

New business discussed was the items to be brought next month are canned fruit for the church and cat or dog food and other items for the animal shelter. The recycled item for February will be newspaper and magazines.

Announcements were made to remind everyone to start thinking about their environmental posters that are due in March. Members were reminded that dance weekend will be March 10 to 12 and registration was due by Jan. 23.

Teen Leader Weekend will be March 24-26, registration is due February 27. There will be a new member initiation January 19 and the 4-H leaders will have a purse and basket bingo on February 11 to raise money for the dining hall.

Olivia Boggess gave the health activity report on dental health. A motion to adjourn the business part of the meeting was made by Annamae Keefer and seconded by Luke Raynes. Meeting was adjourned. Refreshments were provided by Haley Pierson and Miranda Payne. The members separated into teams and counted plastic bags.

Submitted by Club Reporter Julia Parsons.