Pleasant CEOS Club news

The Pleasant CEOS Club met at the courthouse annex on Jan. 12 with Mary Sue Kincaid and Marylin Higginbotham hosting the club, serving a lunch of pizza, drinks and dessert. Favors were small nativity sets. The hostesses also gave a larger nativity set as a door prize which was won by Catherine Yauger.

While the group ate lunch, Carolyn Litchfield entertained by reading a poem entitled “The Land That Made Me, Me” which humorously compared earlier days with how the world is today.

The president recognized five birthdays in January: Carolyn Litchfield, Janie Bennett, Koneda Devrick, Edna Hale and Lynne Fetty. Birthday girls who were present at the meeting had a special chair marked just for them.

Kincaid presented the meditations using an article entitled “An Eye For Blessings” published in the annual 2003 Guideposts. Kincaid challenged members in the new year to be more aware and more thankful for things ordinarily taken for granted. The meditations produced a lively discussion.

Kincaid presented the lesson entitled “Living Frugally: Simple Ways to Save” written by Andi Bennett, WVU Extension Agent in Mercer County and Terrill Peck, WVU Extension Agent in Raleigh County. It suggested keeping a journal for two months writing down every expense and then try to think of ways to save. It gave ways to save on food, clothes, transportation, utilities, personal habits and shopping. This lesson, also, brought on a good discussion and ideas of ways to save.

Higginbotham presented the Health Motivator lesson entitled “Brain Basics” written by Zona Hutson, WVU Extension Agent in Doddridge County

Reports were given by three of the four Educational Committees. Continuing Education committee urged members to continue recycling at local receptacles and to bring pop can tabs and used printer ink cartridges to meetings to be taken to Ronald McDonald houses.The WVCEOS International Student is from Cameron, Africa but Mason County will not be entertaining her until 2018. Purposeful reading committee had four books from the CEOS Library on display to create interest in reading.

The Family Committee—Linda Craig and Lynne Fetty along with the president, Clinedda Austin had delivered checks to the Point Pleasant Volunteer Fire Department and Lakin Hospital during December.

Linda Craig, Higginbotham and Austin had provided a craft table at the FRN Christmas in December.

The group decided to continue to provide Dreft detergent to the Pleasant Valley Hospital Cuddlers Project every three months.

The Pleasant Club presented a check for $75 to the Quilts “N Things Quilt Guild to buy fabric to set up a quilt which, when finished, will be donated to the 4-H Leaders Association to be raffled for the benefit of the 4-H Camp dining hall.

In attendance: Clinedda Austin, Frankie Bumgarner, Garnet Schwarz, Marylin Higginbotham, Mary Sue Kincaid, Carolyn Litchfield, Catherine Yauger, Linda Craig, Marcia Nibert and Pleasant Club member and Mason County Extension Agent, Lorrie Wright.

Submitted by Club Reporter Catherine Yauger.