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Hungarian wiener sauce

By Vivian Endicott - Special to the Register

When I lived in Logan County, West Virginia, one never knew exactly how to pronounce certain words or their meaning. I think words were sometime just made-up for the fun of it. There were many countries represented there and yet most of us understood what the other person was saying. My neighbor, Mrs. Sharkey, was Hungarian—I think—and I loved almost everything she cooked. It always smelled and tasted so good! There was a certain one of her dishes that my mother wanted to make.

Mother usually had a fresh pot of pinto beans cooked…a staple at our house. She thought adding this special sauce to the beans would make a perfect meal especially when a huge piece of Hillbilly hot cornpone was served. My big brother gave this meal a lovely name: Slum Gullion! (Pronounce as spelled.) Where he got the name I don’t know. So, what’s in a name? Whatever…it sure tasted great.

(My Mother’s Recipe)

1 lb. Wieners

2 or more Large Onions

Bacon Grease, small amount

1 Can Tomato Sauce (add 1 cup water) Stir

Pepper (Hot) optional

Vinegar, small amount

Brown Sugar, small amount (optional)

Pot of Pinto Beans (cooked)

Large skillet

Fry ‘cut-up’ onions and small ‘cut-up wieners, until slightly brown, add other ingredients and cook on medium or low heat about 30 minutes. Check and stir often. Add to your pinto beans!

Vivian’s Easy Method:

Cut in small pieces 12 oz. of wieners. Fry in margarine until light brown, add 1/4 cup of onion flakes, one small bottle ketchup, one-cup water, more if not thin enough, tablespoon of celery flakes, one tablespoon of brown sugar, optional, and one cut up pickled hot pepper. Low or medium heat until thick…stir and check often. Pour into any type of beans (Pintos). 2 Cans or more of beans…heated.

Submitted from the Point Pleasant Writer’s Guild and its “Recipes and Remembrances” recipe book.

Hungarian wiener sauce

By Vivian Endicott

Special to the Register