Quilts ‘N Things wrapping up busy year

Quilts ‘N Things met earlier this month at the courthouse annex with the meeting called to order by President Mercedes Sayre. Mercedes, along with all members expressed condolences to Carolyn Litchfield for the loss of her son.

Birthdays: Jamie Knapp, was the “birthday lady” for the month of November. No members with a birthday in the month of December. Birthday cupcakes of material were also received by Connie Huston for September, Lucy Cullen for June and Mollie Yauger for February.

Members Present: Marie Dulaney, Rhonda Mullins, Kay Rutherford, Daleanna Langford, Jane Coles, Mollie Yauger, Karen Thomas, Garnet Schwartz, Liz Rickard, Betty Rickard, Irene Goff, Catherine Yauger, Carolyn Litchfield, Lucy Cullen, Connie Huston, Agnes Faber, Mercedes Sayer Connie Curnutt and guest Ramua Dharmalingam.

Secretary’s Report: After the correction of Catherine doing the Scrapbook for October and Irene doing the Scrapbook for November. The Secretary report was given and approved as read by Connie Curnutt.

Treasurer’s Report: The Treasurer’s report was given and approved as read by Agnes Faber.

Committee Reports:

Program Committee: Daleanna and Jane were in charge of the November program. It was decided the members would divide into two groups. Daleanna would go on helping the ladies working on their wool projects, while Jane and the other members sewed labels onto the Quilts of Valor project.

Hospitality Committee: Arrangement’s for the trip to Charleston are as follows. Member will meet at the courthouse annex on Dec. 6, at 9:30 a.m. Anyone who hasn’t brought their donation quilts are to bring them at this time. Members will be going to see the new Ronald McDonald House along with presenting them with the 21 donation quilts that members have at this time. Afterwards, the next stop is the Cultural Center to view the Fiesta Ware which is on display and was introduced 80 years ago. Then, on to the Fireside Inn for the Christmas luncheon and off to “Quilts by Phyllis” to look around and there is always the chance of buying new materials. This will be the meeting for December.

Telephone /Welfare Committee: The ladies of this committee will be sending out any needed cards and making needed phone calls. Anyone in the Guild that feels they know of someone in need of these services please contact one of the ladies on the committee.

Scrapbook: The Scrapbook is up to date with Irene doing November and Catherine doing December.

Website: Is being kept up to date by Frankie Bumgarner.

Announcements: Jane informed us of all going on with the Quilts of Valor project. As of Nov. 1, there were six men and two women that would be accepting one each of the 13 quilts, that were made by the ladies of the Quilts ‘N Things Guild. Presentation of the quilts were to be made at the annex of the Catholic church on Veterans Day, Nov. 11, at 2 p.m. in the afternoon. Refreshments will be handled by the ladies of the Guild. Many hours of time and effort went into the production of these lovely quilts, Club Reporter Connie Curnutt reported. Adding, “the ladies put their hearts into making these quilts for the men and women who gave of their time to keep America save and secure for future generations.”

Monday, Nov. 7, Pomeroy Stores were to have an open house. Quilt Shop Hop, Around the Block, took place in Ohio Amish Country, Nov. 2-5. Saturday, Nov. 5 there was a craft show held at the First Church of God. New Hope Baptist Church hosted a craft making get together on Nov. 11.

Special Projects: The ladies of the guild decided they will be starting on the West Virgina History Block Quilt for the 4-H Club in 2017, work shop dates for doing this project will be announced at a later date.

Old Business: The year of 2016 flew by with the ladies doing so many projects that were helpful to so many members. Everyone was happy for their roles in the Ronald McDonald donation Quilts along with their Challenge Quilts, their West Virginia History Quilt Blocks and their Quilts of Valor.

New Business: The newly elected officers will be taking their positions as of January 2017. Plans for the coming year are already underway. Carolyn will be doing the 2017 yearbook, be sure to get in touch with Carolyn if there are any changes with your profile.

Show and Tell:

Marie Dulaney – quilt she won. Kay Rutherford – four donation quilts and a Christmas pillow. Daleanna Langford – four donation quilts. Jane Coles – two wool purses. Mollie Yauger – pumpkin pillow and wool pumpkins. Betty Rickard – one donation quilt, Christmas Santa fabric. Irene Goff – one donation quilt, alphabet baby blocks, Irene also showed one donation quilt, bear and balloons fabric made by Edda Fields. Lucy Cullen – for Jamie, a baby quilt and her West Virginia History block. Connie Huston- one donation quilt, crazy quilt block and EPP block. Agnes Faber – one donation quilt, Agnes also showed a quilt top made by Sakine Doctor, a wallquilt. Mercedes Sayre – one donation strip quilt. Connie Curnutt – two donation quilts.

The meeting was adjourned by President Mercedes Sayre.

Grace was said by Catherine Yauger, and lunch was enjoyed by all, according to members.

Submitted by Connie Curnutt.