Pleasant CEOS Club news

The Pleasant CEOS Club recently met at the courthouse annex with Lorrie Wright and Carolyn Litchfield serving lunch.

Mary Sue Kincaid presented the meditations using Scripture from Genesis 8:22 and reading an excerpt from “Autumn Leaves” by Pamela Kennedy printed in an Ideals Magazine and a poem entitled, “If I were a Leaf.”

The lesson for Sepember entitled “Healthy Aging-Both Physically and Mentally” written by Emily Murphy, WVU Extension Specialist-Obesity Prevention was given out but not talked about. The October lesson entitled “How To Train Your Brain” written by Tina Cowger and Lauren Prinzo, Extension Agent in Marion County was presented by Wright. Research shows that engaging in cognitively stimulating activities throughout your lifetime can lead to a slower decline in later life although some memory loss is unavoidable with age. Wright gave five activities for mental stimulation.

Marylin Higginbotham presented the Health Motivator lesson entitled “Fall Treats” written by Gwen Crum, WVU Extension Agent in Wood County. It gave ideas for Halloween or fall activities and offered suggestions for non-food trick-or-treat and also healthier food alternatives to candy.

Reports were given by the four educational committees. Reports were given on the Fall Conference held at Jackson’s Mill, “Harvest of Quilts” Quilt Show, Fall Charleston Area meeting and, Cuddlers Project.

Plans were made for the Holiday Workshop, the Handmade Holiday Treasures Craft Show, the Breast Cancer Awareness Walk for Women, Fall Achievement and the November County Council meeting which the Pleasant Club will be hosting.

Attending the meeting: Clinedda Austin, Marylin Higginbotham, Donna Hart, Linda Craig, Marcia Nibert, Frankie Bumgarner, Carolyn Litchfield, Catherine Yauger, Mary Sue Kincaid, Garnet Schwarz and Lorrie Wright.

Submitted by Club Secretary Catherine Yauger.