Zion Baptist Church celebrates 155th anniversary

Zion Baptist Church, located along Crab Creek Road in Gallipolis Ferry, recently celebrated its 155th anniversary.

Founded in 1861, the church held its homecoming on Sept. 18 as it is a tradition to hold the homecoming on the third Sunday in September. The day began with Sunday School and was followed by a church service featuring Cody Lambert, ordained pastor. Lambert, who is only in his 20’s, has been pastor at Zion Baptist Church for a year. Lambert lives in Point Pleasant and is also employed as a teacher with Mason County Schools. Lambert said grace prior to what members described as a “delightful dinner” which was served at noon.

Those in attendance for the homecoming included: Mark and Brenda Wright, A.J., Loraine Ella and Alyssa Wright, George and Cathy Hereford, Jennifer and Annabelle Hanning, Zane and Zoey Freeman, Richie Campbell, Linda and Steve Critchfield, Charles McCartney, Carl Kinnaird, Cody Lambert, Janet Lambert, Betty Stover.

Afternoon singing was provided by: Roger and Loretta Stover, Mary and Ron Elliot. Afternoon speakers included: Rev. Dwight and Rose Baker, Rev. Pete Cobb, Rev. Handley Dunn, Rev. Lawerence and Patrica Gray.

Submitted by Cathy Hereford.