Camp Conley CEOS news

For its October meeting, the Camp Conley CEOS Club met at the home of Phyllis Hesson with President Becky Haer leading the members in the pledges and grace song.

Several delicious pumpkin desserts were served by the hostess for refreshments, according to members.

Continuing the meeting, Isabelle Yoder, read the mediation from Our Daily Bread about All Kinds of Weather and Psalms 148 verses 7 and 8. The secretary and treasurer reports were presented and filed for future reference.

Several members brought empty medicine bottles to be taken to the Avalanche Club for their club project. Darlene Haer reported that Jeanette McDaniel had read the most books from our club this past year for the Purposeful Reading Program. Molly Miller presented Phyllis with a beautiful bouquet of Italian Marigolds from our Herb Garden at the Farm Museum. The plants were donated by Bob’s Market.

Under Old business, the president reported she had mailed a report to the County Council President listing the various projects and accomplishments of the club this past year. This information will be part of her report during the County Fall Achievement Program. During the recent Quilt Show at the West Virginia State Farm Museum, Phyllis helped set up the quilt frames, Darlene helped register the various quilts, Becky and Mary Artis worked during the show on Saturday and Molly served refreshments on Sunday during the reception. Darlene Haer showed a t-shirt quilt and Jane Thompson entered an applicaded Iris quilt and a West Virginia Quilt Square of the Mothman. Phyllis attend the Cancer Wreath Hanging Service at the Mason County Library on Oct. 3. A schedule was compiled for the members working at the Homemade Holiday Treasures Craft Show on Nov. 5. Baked goods will be for sale including pies, cakes and various breads. Members were reminded of the Breast Cancer Awareness Walk at the Riverfront Park on Oct. 29 starting at 8:30 a.m. Fall Achievement was to be Saturday, Oct. 22 at the New Haven Lutheran Church with the Avalanche CEOS Club serving as hostess.

The annual CEOS Christmas Workshop will be Nov. 18 at New Hope Church with the Pleasant Club in charge. Members were asked to think about a club project for Christmas.

Becky presented the lesson entitled “How to Train Your Brain.” When we think of a healthy lifestyle, we think of exercising, eating a balanced diet, losing weight, controlling diabetes or lowering cholesterol levels. We often forget the importance of brain stimulation. After all, the brain is the most important and complex part of the body. The brain is the control center of the body. Therefore, the health of the brain is vital to nearly everything people do. The brain is an organ that weighs a mere three pounds and is the size of a small head of cauliflower. People who stimulate and challenge their mind throughout their life often maintain a high level of brain activity. Research shows that engaging in cognitively stimulating activities throughout a lifetime can lead to a slower decline in later life and can be beneficial in many ways including faster thinking, better memory, sharper listening skills, quicker reactions, improved mood and improved multitasking. Some activities people can do for mental stimulation is to try something new, spend time with loved ones playing cards or walking or meeting with friends, do brain games, read an interesting book, pay attention to what is going on around you and participate in regular aerobic exercise. Becky led the members in a “Make up Your Mind” activity where they had to quickly make up their mind on what they prefer when she called out two different items. Remember, a combination of a balanced diet with physical and brain stimulation activities will allow a person to train a strong and healthy brain.

Members present were Jeanette McDaniel, Mary Artis, Molly Miller, Isabelle Yoder, Darlene Haer, Becky Haer and hostess, Phyllis Hesson.

Submitted by Club Reporter and Treasurer Darlene Haer.