Camp Conley CEOS news

In September, members of the Camp Conley CEOS Club met at the home of Darlene and Becky Haer. Refreshments were served prior to the business meeting. During this time, Darlene told about her trip to England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland in the month of August.

Becky then called the business meeting to order. She led the pledges to the American and West Virginia flags. Phyllis Hesson read “God Will Enable You” from Seeds of Hope. The story emphasized that you “Be All That You Can Be.” Under committees, Family Committee co-chairperson, Phyllis asked that we share any family heirlooms, memories or crafts through a story and/or pictures for the club report. Darlene asked the members for the number of books they had read during the last club year. A total of 377 books were read. This number will be reported in the club’s annual Purposeful Reading Committee report.

A report was given about the Sept. 20 Mason County CEOS Council meeting. Any work or donations made at the animal shelter will be reported under Family and Health Educational Committee reports.

The annual “Harvest of Quilts” Quilt Show was to be Oct. 1-2 at the West Virginia State Farm Museum. Club members were to help setup, register, host and take down displays during that time.

Camp Conley will again have a booth during the “Handmade Holiday Treasures” Craft Show on Nov. 5 at the First Church of God Ministry Center. Breast Cancer Awareness Pancake Breakfast and Walk for Women will be Oct. 29 at the Point Pleasant Riverfront Park. The club is to supply the white milk for the breakfast. Officers Training will be Oct. 25.

Jane Thompson, health motivator, gave each member a 23 page A to Z Vitamins and minerals guide.

Check with your doctor to make sure they do not conflict with other medications you are taking.

Darlene presented the monthly program ”Healthy Aging-Staying Active both Physically and Mentally.” While research shows that physical activity (or exercise) provides many health benefits for people of all ages, older adults gain even more health benefits than their younger counterparts. Physical activity and exercises are good for our hearts, waistline and bone health and can help older adults stay strong and fit allowing them to keep doing the things they enjoy during their daily routine and maintain independence with age. Maintaining a healthy weight is important for overall health and well-being. Physical activity reduces the impact of illness and chronic disease, enhances mobility, flexibility and balance in older adults and improves immune function. What is good for your body is also good for your brain by helping decrease one’s risk for both clinical depression and anxiety and reduces risk for dementia or cognitive decline in older adults. Several tips for an active lifestyle were given and examples of beneficial activities includes walking, senior sports or fitness classes, water aerobics/water sports, yoga and resistance or strength-training exercise. Darlene reported that she was to walk in the 2nd Annual West PA Ataxia 5K Walk in Allegheny County’s South Park (Pittsburgh area) on Sept. 24 with her sister Sharon as part of the Sassy Schwarz Sisters team.

The club is always looking for new members. If interested, please call 304-675-6002, 304-675-3173 or the WVU Extension Office at 304-675-0888.

Submitted by club treasurer and report Darlene Haer.