113th Blain Family Reunion held

The 113th Blain Family Reunion was held over the summer at Larry Blain’s picnic shelter in Gallipolis Ferry.

A covered dish lunch was served at 1 p.m. with Howard Blain giving the blessing. There were 41 people present at this year’s gathering. The door prize winner was Diane Patrick, prize for the oldest man was John Caudill, oldest woman was Charlotte Blain. Youngest girl was Josie Blain Beckner, youngest boy was Brody Spencer. Traveling the farthest was Gary Blaine from Kentucky.

Attending were: Larry Blain, Dianna Blain, Billy Beckner, Violet and Laverne Blain, Junior and Jo Ann Chaney, Howard and Teri Blain, Shawn Meeks, Charlotte Blain, J.W. Blain, Greg and Lacy Blain all from Gallipolis Ferry. Coming from Point Pleasant were John Caudill, Diane Patrick, Jimmy Blain, Shelly and Blake Edmonds. From Crown City, Ohio were Doug, Nina, Abraham, Noah, and Ezra Blain. From Gallipolis, Ohio were Gerry McAllister, Mark and Vicky Mohr. Cassie, Justin and Josie Beckner from Milton. Waymon and Delores Griffith from Barboursville. Gloria Blain, Scott, Haley and Brody Spencer of Charleston. Betty Bower and Deborah Gullett from Minford Ohio. Ben and Ashley Blain from Lima, Ohio. Gary and Conor Blain from Kentucky.