What is your favorite part?

By Rev. Ron Branch


After all these years, the Biblical Christmas account still brings joy and inspiration to me. But, one part of it in particular has developed as my favorite. It has to do with the Virgin Birth of the Lord. It involves a young unmarried woman by the name of Mary who was called upon by God to conceive and give birth to the Lord Jesus Christ.

It was an act of absolute genius what God planned with the Virgin Birth concept. Perhaps the dynamics of it was no big deal with God. After all, God the Almighty merely spoke Creation into existence. Then, with a little bit of dirt, He fashioned a Man, Adam, and personally breathed life into Him. Furthermore, with a bone (rib) taken from Adam, He created a Woman, Eve.

Since the Angel Gabriel affirmed to Mary about her Virgin conception that nothing shall be impossible with God, it was no doubt a simple manipulation God employed to cause Mary to become pregnant with the Person of God.

But, it still impresses me not so much that He had the power to do such a thing. I am more wowed by the wisdom of it. He worked a plan that Man cannot copy. The Virgin Birth of Jesus Christ effectively blocks man’s religious philosophies from having any bases for having a claim of personally providing salvation. People who deny or declaim the reality of the Virgin Birth actually prove a subtle chagrin at God for doing something with spiritual consequences in which they cannot assist or contribute. God is the smartest person I know!

Second, the absolute genius of God’s Virgin Birth plan impresses me from the standpoint of what it stopped. It put a halt to the progression of sin for a distinct reason and purpose. Consider that the sin nature is passed on to everyone. Apostle Paul stated, “Wherefore, as by one man (that is, Adam) sin entered into the world, and death by sin, so death passed upon all men, for all have sinned.”

Since the fall of Adam, every man and woman that conceived children passed onto their children the sin nature. That truth comes from God. But, that did not take place with the conception and eventual birth of Jesus Christ. The Lord was not conceived with the effort of a human father who, in both cases, would have been a sinner by nature as well as by choice. Had a human father been involved, the person, Jesus of Nazareth, would have been innately tagged with unrighteousness from the get-go. He would not have had the perfect spiritual qualifications necessary to provide salvation for anyone.

But, the Virgin Conception worked by the will of God cut the connection to humanity’s sinful progression. When Jesus Christ was born, therefore, He had no sinful nature, and, throughout His earthly life, He committed no sin. God requires a perfect salvation to get us into His Heaven. The moral necessity of the expectations of God is rigorous in terms of the provision of it all.

Could Man be so wise to figure that out? Could we have been so good to cover all the details? I do not think so. But, God did. He was smart enough, and divinely good enough. Once again, God did something for us we could not do for ourselves when it comes to eternal salvation. No wonder the Virgin Birth of Jesus Christ is so impressive.

This point goes hand-in-glove with another impressive point about the Lord’s Virgin Birth. It is found in the truth that the Virgin conception and birth kept the divinity of Jesus Christ in tact. When Jesus Christ left Heaven to accomplish the salvation of Man, He was perfectly divine. He was God the Son.

The effective parameter of His sacrifice was that even though born of a woman, He remained—-perfect and divine—-God the Son. The divinity of Jesus Christ meant that it was God who died on that Cross. God gave Himself sacrificially in the perfect Person of His Son.

I do not think I would be impressed with salvation if you had died on the Cross, because it would not have effectively counted. But, I am so blessed to know that God in the flesh did it.

I just think that God is pretty good about this salvation matter, especially since He worked it in which Man cannot assume any credit for it.

So, what is your favorite part?


By Rev. Ron Branch

The Rev. Ron Branch is pastor of Faith Baptist Church in Mason, W.Va.

The Rev. Ron Branch is pastor of Faith Baptist Church in Mason, W.Va.