Light can be frightening….When you do not know what it is

By Rev. Ron Branch


Two younger brothers had just finished watching “Friday Night Frights,” a weekly series of scary stories featured on a certain Baltimore TV station, with their Dad. Although it was way past their usual bedtime, the two had been allowed to watch that particular week’s offering of horror tales.

After being directed to bed, they both tentatively balked at the bottom of the steps, which led to their bedroom. They fussed in whispered tones which of the two would go up the steps first.

There were two bedrooms upstairs in their cracker box house with two doors of entry. The first door at the top of the steps gave entry to both bedrooms, and a second door gave entry to the larger of the two rooms, which was set up with three twin beds and accompanying furniture for three brothers. When both doors were closed to the smaller room, it made for a very dark environment. The two had taken to sleeping in the double bed in the smaller room because of its unique coziness, but, having just finished watching the “Friday Night Fright,” the usual cozy darkness became eerie and threatening to them.

With the middle-aged brother leading the way in front of the youngest, they eased up the creaking steps, easily shut the door, and slipped into the bed. Since the oldest brother was already asleep in the other room, the door to that room was closed, too.

The two lay in bed with the covers tightened around their necks, both unwittingly replaying in their mind some of the scary images they had just seen. Suddenly, a small light darted across the room one way, and then darted across the room the other way. They were scared to trembling.

The youngest started to bolt from the bed, but the middle-aged brother grabbed him and whispered tensely, “It might get you! We are safest here! The unknown light seen in the darkness of the room stirred all manner of horror images. They felt safest in the darkness, but wished they had not seen that damnable light dart across their room.

It is surely uncanny in many circumstances how frightening light can be in darkness when you do not know what it is. The spiritual and Scriptural comparison about light in darkness is equally startling, particularly when the following is read, “The light shone in darkness, and the darkness comprehended it not.”

The reference to “light” is reference to Jesus Christ, for He is the light of God sent to shine in a world conditioned by the darkness of sin and rebellion against God. “Men love darkness rather than light, because their deeds are evil.” The light of Jesus Christ shining in the lives of Christian people and their churches pricks the soul and the conscience of those who feel safest in the their own dark perspectives and dark action.

That is why political elitists campaign to eradicate any witness about Jesus Christ from governmental buildings as they intone about separation of church and state. That is why copies of the Ten Commandments are banned. That is why society hates any emphasis on Bible-based morals. That is why the deity of Jesus Christ is vehemently denied.

Society at large does not want to receive the light of Christ as something to embrace. Oh, how critical it is in these desperate days that Christians live the light in their own lives, and churches evangelize and administer the light of Christ to those who are being hurt by the dark lies propagated by the evil of the present world system.

After a seeming eternity of quivering under the covers, the youngest brother seemed to gain a light of understanding what was really going on. Emerging cautiously from the covers and reaching up slowly in the darkness, he felt for and flipped on the light switch. Immediately, both saw a lightening bug flit across the room and land on the wall.

I know this story is a true account. My two brothers and I laughed about it for years, particularly when our middle brother would re-tell it with his innate comic tones and gestures.


By Rev. Ron Branch

The Rev. Ron Branch is pastor of Faith Baptist Church in Mason, W.Va.

The Rev. Ron Branch is pastor of Faith Baptist Church in Mason, W.Va.


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