For the record

The Mason County Sheriff’s Department

The Mason County Sheriff’s Department reports the following arrests: Jack C. Dewitt, 38, Henderson, domestic battery, arrested by Deputy Waugh. Kayla J. Lee, 19, Gallipolis Ferry, fraud with access device, arrested by Deputy Lee. Angel M. Barker, 27, Point Pleasant, joyriding, arrested by Cpt. Peterson. Eric W. Sydenstricker, 28, Point Pleasant, uttering, arrested by Deputy Lee. Charles D. Waugh, 64, Ashton, domestic battery, arrested by Sgt. Varian. Roy E. Messick, 53, Point Pleasant, fugitive from justice, arrested by Deputy Cavender. Brandon I. Roush, 28, Pomeroy, Ohio, domestic assault, fleeing from officer on foot, obstructing, incedent exposure, assault, arrested by Deputy Cavender. Melinda A. Roush, 45, New Haven, domestic battery, arrested by Deputy Veith. James O. Edwards, 29, Point Pleasant, violation of domestic violence petition, arrested by Sgt. Varian. Albert E. Stewart, 64, New Haven, aggravated DUI, arrested by Deputy Waugh.


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