Kayser family starts new fund with the Community Foundation of Mason County

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Pictured are Dallas and Lee Anne Kayser with two of their children Matthew and Katie.

MASON — The Community Foundation of Mason County recently added a new fund to its collection of community funds.

The Kayser Fund for Special Need Citizens will be used for the purpose of supporting charitable activities, programs and organizations for special needs citizens of West Virginia. This fund will focus on programs such as, “Camp Sunshine,” in Mason County, Jackson County Developmental Center, and other camps, activities, programs, and charitable organizations who serve individuals with special needs, including those who may be developmentally, physically or intellectually disabled.

The new fund is intended to be a long-term endowment fund, meaning that it will last forever. Grants from this fund will support many of the programs which sustain our disabled citizens of Mason County.

“The special need citizens programs are very near and dear to my heart. I wanted to start this fund to encourage the support and sustainability of such programs,” commented Dallas Kayser, MCCF Board Member and Fundholder.

“Advocates for Mason County special needs citizens can utilize grant funding to sustain programs for our special needs citizens and any other special needs projects in our communities. I am thrilled to see Dallas start this fund as it is much needed in Mason County,”commented Marion Liberatore, MCCF Board Chair.

“The Kayser Family came together to start this new fund to ensure that the special needs projects and programs continue to thrive and make a lasting impact on our special needs citizens. They are in the process of building this fund. It is our hope that eventually the Kayser Family Fund for Special Needs can work off the interest of the fund to support programs, projects and camps. In doing so, the fund will last forever as will the programs,”commented MCCF Executive Director Christy Crowell.

“Our community is very fortunate to have individuals that want to carry on efforts to help our special needs citizens. I am very pleased to see that we are able to start this fund to make this a long term sustainable project for Mason County,” commented Crowell. “I hope that we encourage other community members to give to the fund and help them meet the goal of endowment.”

Gifts to support the Kayser Fund for Special Needs Citizens are tax acknowledged and can be mailed to: MCCF, Inc., 108 North Church Street, Ripley, WV 25271.

Questions regarding this fund or other Foundation funds can be directed to Christy Crowell, Foundation Director at 304-372-4500 or christyjccf@frontier.com.

Submitted by Christy Crowell.

Pictured are Dallas and Lee Anne Kayser with two of their children Matthew and Katie.
http://www.mydailyregister.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/24/2017/12/web1_Kayser.jpgPictured are Dallas and Lee Anne Kayser with two of their children Matthew and Katie.

Staff Report