CEOS County Council meets

Clinedda Austin, president of the Mason County CEOS County Council conducts July meeting


The Mason County Community Educational Outreach Service (CEOS) met at the Point of Faith Church on July 11 with the Leon Club serving a picnic lunch of hot dogs, baked beans, potato salad, chips, drinks and pie.

Favors were a tea candle and candy. The Leon Club gave a door prize which was won by Phyllis Hesson. The room was decorated in a patriotic theme and it was announced that the club’s youngest member, Anna Mae Keefer, had done most of the decorating.

The meeting was called to order by County President Clinedda Austin, by asking members to stand and give the salute to the United States flag.

Helen Lyons presented the meditation from a devotional book entitled “Mornings With Jesus.”

Roll called revealed the following attendance from over the county: Avalanche which is in the Letart area had 7 members present; Camp Conley, 3; Leon, 7; Pleasant, which is the Point Pleasant Club had 5 members and one guest present and Wohelo from the Ashton, Gallipolis ferry and Apple Grove area had 2 for a total of 25.

The four Educational Committees reported. These committees are Family, Health & Volunteer Hours, Continuing Education, Marketing and Membership, and Purposeful Reading.

The Continuing Education committee collected a slew of plastic bottle caps (which will be used to make picnic tables, etc.,) pop can tabs and used printer cartridges which will be donated to a Ronald McDonald House.

The book which the CEOS Book Club members will be reading this month is a story about coal mining entitled “Red Helmet” written by Homer Hickman.

The Avalanche Club has established a “Little Free Library” at the town hall in New Haven and the Pleasant Club has received permission to add another to Krodel Park. The organization has 4 more libraries to place. These containers were made by the Mason County Vocational School.

The Handmade Holiday Treasures Craft Show Committee is actively preparing for the Craft Show which will be held at the National Guard Armory on Nov. 4. Members were urged to “Eat local, eat healthy” and support their local farmers’ markets. The Charleston Area Fall Meeting will be held in St. Albans on Sept. 30 and be hosted by Kanawha County CEOS.

There will be a reception on July 27 at 1 p.m. at the Mason County Library to honor Mary Sue Kincaid who represented Mason County at the Folk Festival in Glenville, in June. Mason County CEOS will be in charge of the Culinary Arts Exhibits at the Mason County Fair again this year. An auction and book sale was held at this meeting. CEOS emphasizes reading and at every meeting there are used books for sale.

Attending this meeting: Eleanor Hoffman, Anne Byus, Yvonne Fetty, Sue Darst, Audrey Clarke, Karen Randolph, Susan Paulson, Phyllis Hesson, Molly Miller, Mary Artis, Natalie Morgan, Helen Lyons, Donna Short, Sherry Mayes, Jackie Scarberry, Anna Mae Keefer, Carol Workman, Clinedda Austin, Catherine Yauger, Carolyn Litchfield, Mary Sue Kincaid, Edna Hale, Betty Mayes, Doris Duncan and one guest, Bill Hale.

Submitted by Secretary Catherine Yauger.

Clinedda Austin, president of the Mason County CEOS County Council conducts July meeting Austin, president of the Mason County CEOS County Council conducts July meeting Courtesy