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‘Changing Meals’

On Thursday evenings, mother always made a dish of Corn Beef Hash made with crushed corn beef, cubed potatoes and onions. She cut up the potatoes into little cubes, chop the onions and dump them into a skillet. When everything was cooked, she laid pieces of cheese on top and when the cheese melted, we were ready to eat.

One Thursday, she surprised us. When we came home from school, expecting to smell the scent of the meal, Mom smiled and said, “I have made a wonderful surprise for you.”

I asked, “What is it?”

“I found this recipe and decided to make it for our evening meal. If we enjoy it, I will make next Thursday our usual Corn Beef meal and then I will make it the next week on Thursday and call it “Roman Bake.”

“Please set the table for me. I am ready to finish the recipe.”

It was delicious. After I married; I made it my “go to” meal for visitors.



One pound of ground beef

One pound of Italian sausage cut in slices

One cup of chopped onions and two teaspoons of oregano

A can of Campbell’s Cheddar Cheese soup

A can of Campbell’s Tomato soup

One cup of water

One pound of wide noodles

One package of sliced cheddar cheese

Cook and brown the beef and Italian sausage with chopped onions. When they are done, spread two teaspoons of oregano on them. Let it cool. Mix the can soups and place in a container.

Cook four cups of wide noodles, cool and place in a separate container. I Place the containers in the refrigerator and bake the following day.

On that day, I place everything in a two-quart shallow baking dish. I layer the dish by beginning with noodles on the bottom and the meat mixtures next. After finished baking, remove it from the oven. Stir the top around and place four or more slices of diagonal cut cheddar cheese on the top of the meat mixture. Bake about four minutes. Remove the dish from the oven, cool and eat. It is terrific.

Bake at 400 degrees for forty minutes.

Recipe submitted by the Point Pleasant Writer’s Guild on behalf of the late June Salem.

‘Changing Meals’