Harmon Park ‘all but ruined’

June 10, 2014

Dear Editor,

I joined a softball league this year after years of being away — and let me say that Harmon Park is all but ruined.

The recent rains have made for some horribly muddy situations. The ballfield closest to the Community Center is amazingly awful, with mud inches deep standing outside the home box and behind home plate.

I appreciate having a ballfield, but I live beside the New Haven ballfields — and those are so well taken care of. Louis and the other gentlemen who mow, apply the base lines and drag the field seem to care about the conditions the players play on. On the field by the Community Center, there are many rocks in the dirt and broken glass on the field.

Why is there such a difference? Is there no one dedicated to the field as in New Haven? I would love to see a complete redesign of the park as many ball fields in the U.S. have gone to a clover leaf pattern and create a central area for concessions, seating and community. With the current setup, you must walk around and through many areas of mud, standing water and other hazards to go to a — — maybe — operating bathroom. I know most just are used to the horrific conditions, but I am not.

For all the readers who this affects, please take a drive to New Haven, look at the conditions they play in and tell me if you don’t notice a massive difference.

Curry Russell